Teleglitch: Die More Edition :: 电子脉冲:精英版

Teleglitch: Die More Edition
电子脉冲:精英版   推荐游戏

轻度的 Rogue-lite 配以粗粝的像素风,紧张气氛十足

开发: Test3 Projects




冰冷而又黑暗的未来世界已被众多大型企业所统治,而在某个适宜居住小行星上坐落着一处隐蔽的研究所,专门探索坏死组织的重生技术。你将扮演一名突然苏醒的科学家,但却发现自己是这个星球上唯一的幸存者。这里其他的人全都莫名的死亡了,被植入了再生芯片并且被研究所的一个中央 AI 所控制。



  • 超过 20 种不同类型的敌人
  • 超过 40 种各式各样的武器与道具
  • 总过十个随机生成的关卡,每次你的游戏之旅都会不同
  • 10 小时以上的游戏时间(难度也会随之上升)
  • 详细的数据库包含每种怪物的信息
  • 到处收集可用的材料来组成超级武器,比如罐头枪(空罐头+钉子+爆炸物)
  • 阴险的故事背后充斥的贪婪的军事组织以及他们秘密的实验
  • 冒着生命危险尽情探索吧

About This Game

In a cold, dark future dominated by mega-corporations, a small lonely planet on the edge of habitable space is the site of a shadowy research facility specializing in necrotic tissue reactivation. You are a scientist who has suddenly awoken to the realization that you are the lone survivor. The rest of the facility’s personnel have all been killed – micro-chipped and reactivated as combatants by the facility’s central processing AI.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition is a roguelike top-down shooter with retro pixel graphics. Featuring procedurally generated maps that change with each play through, you will never experience the same facility twice. Clutch your gun, walk down the dark corridors and enter each new room hoping those last few rounds of ammunition will be enough. Feel the anxiety, the paranoia and the sheer terror of Teleglitch.

Key Features

  • Over 20 types of enemies to combat
  • More than 40 types of weapons and items
  • 10 levels that radically change their structure every time you play
  • 10+ hours of play time (it gets harder the further you get)
  • Detailed database with full dossiers of each monster
  • Scavenge random equipment to craft new and deadly gear like The Can Gun (empty can + nails + explosives)
  • A sinister narrative filled with greedy military corporations covert experiments
  • The risk of permanent death creates an atmosphere of fear and dread

The Die More Edition features:
  • 5 bonus levels
  • Additional items and weapons
  • Upgraded and more deadly enemy AI
  • Expanded dossiers and lore content


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