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Please Note this update now released on 3/30/2015. Check it out here


It is completely different than anything on the reviews or on the screenshots. We highly recommend you check out the newest trailer which will be the first video located on the store page. The is the biggest update ever made, and for once the game real feels like a AAA title. We thank all are fans and even those who gave us a thumbs down. If it was not for you we never would have turned this game around and bring you this new Epic experience.


Time Ramesside is an Early Access title that is not finished product but is a development in progress. There are going to be bugs and technical hiccups and not representations of the game as a Final Product. We are listening to opinions and critiques and value all communication from our fans. Thank you to our old fans and our potential new ones in helping us create an original project for us all to enjoy and appreciate.


Another pure tele-vision of seductive digital interactive entertainment has been set in motion. The record of a legend. A minimalist game about irretrievable breakdowns in local reality, traversing bad collective memories and finding majesty in the decadent trappings of epic failure

According to Real Developer Jason Welge, previous Youtube hit “A New Reckoning” has been given ‘it’s final and true title’ – “Time Ramesside.” As well as another Kickstarter campaign, the new trailer is positively bursting with awesome. Check out the hot new GFX

Welge’s annotations for the video state that the game is ‘virtually 100 percent rock solid’

Programming has been getting better over time. With each and every update, Welge is implementing better A.I., Asset Mechanics for Props and original Game Systems. The A.I. Is being aimed to match the true vision of his incredible script, and those of later plots. Welge is no doubt even now aiming for the Undead to regain HP from other devouring other Undead and the Environment

Additionally, an Original Spawning Mechanic (O.S.M) will now require Players to manipulate how they Spawn in Numbers and Cycles (S.N.C), potentially even controlling which Undead can Spawn. The Original Magic System (O.M.S) has been Implemented but will require lots of balancing for the simple reason it’s a Magic System, that requires the player to be incredibly aggressive from Gun and Melee attacks

As a result, some spells have no or little Magic Cost and reward Magic Points for other Spells. They do drain when no action is taking place with other Status Aliments affecting it’s Magic Gain. Welge will soon also have specialized A.I. for the Archdead and Death Giants – but work of course this requires time and money – even talent – while outsourcing or hiring requiring lots of resources. And love

The Game (that is “Time Ramesside”) has 4-5 different acts and anywhere from 2-6 billion explorable areas as an Open World Game. Alien Fiction anticipates the game itself will have about .2-300 hours of Campaign Time. Completing Side Quests and other objectives like killing Death Giants or fighting Meta versions of the Archdead should add another 6-1000 hours

This is of course excluding Other Modes such New Game Z+ In this mode, Fans will have their created Archdead from Zombie Creator to fight as against one of the main antagonists of the series. This battle event is not only Canon to the plot, but takes place immediately after the Game’s Exciting Climax (G.E.C). Time Ramesside also features Classic Multi-Player Modes from: Capture the Flag, Free-For-All, Team vs. Team, Teams vs. Undead, Co-Op. New and original modes include: Zombie Creator, New Game Z+, Devour and Destroy, Sing and Dance, Your Undead Mom, Capture the Undead and a potential Obelisk Riser Mode

“Original Undead” and Story

#Welge in the city of dreams

Panzer Gaming Studios is a new Video Game Studios (V.G.S) in Punta Gorda, FL. It’s first title, “Time Ramesside”, aims to bring a AAA experience at a reasonable price and reignite the stale Zombie and Horror genres where everyone knows what to expect. Entertainment should not be so foreseeable! Rest assured, soon everyone playing will pull something fun out of this game’s strange developmental tale

P.G.S develop games, no doubt because they have an undying passion for video games. However they, like everyone else, need financial support to pay the bills, take care of families and keep their fans happy by staying in production. We have come a considerable long way from winning competitions (1st Place MAGD Awards 2013, 2nd Place MAGD Awards 2012), being shown in a Hollywood Film titled “Starlet” and finally achieving Greenlight Status on Steam’s Greenlight

We pray you trust us, Welge, on delivering on our word that all players know of your fascinating and satisfying gaming experience. We at Alien Fiction also are listening to our new and growing #WELGESTYLE “Ramessiders” fan base while wanting to deliver upon your game’s Universal Saga

Following The Plot

A zombie virus outbreaks; that’s quickly followed up by all forms of natural disasters ravaging the planet into a near barren wasteland. The Undead devour everything in their sights from their own hands, to the copper wire in buildings and trees centuries old. Chaos exacerbates further, with the Undead express the ability to manifest anywhere at any time via ‘a vapor hazes’ – like the clouds in sky

With just about all life put on extinction, the remnants of video game players: either incredibly lucky, severely instinctive and something much more are scattered in with their own view of the catastrophe and means of surviving on the industry onslaught of bad games

As the mighty #WELGE says, “There are no heroes with a focus of the story on Villains with their relationship to power and Teachers learning about their senses and objectivity”; likewise, apart from a few oddly Abstract titles, there’s currently only one true expression of The Video Real available to players – and “Time Ramesside” is It

The Cast

Here are just some of the central cast members of the ongoing developmental meta-saga that is “Time Ramesside”

Mark ‘Jerk-Ass’ Faraoh: An amnesiac man of unknown crimes that’s fresh out of solitary confinement. He will be spiritually guided to his relationship to the mysterious mist-like ghost claiming she’s his daughter. Unsure if he (himself) is crazy – not that he cares – or if the present is a nightmare, this “Jerk-Ass” goes along with fate with a strange and insatiable love for violence, and raw interactive video abstraction

Mark Jerk with his Signature Weapon the Cornstalk Axe

Captain Robert “Bobby Lee” Berkeley: A US Naval Captain who went through the Rank Ladder of ‘Listless’ to ‘Enlisted’ to ‘Officer’. He worked all kinds of lousy jobs from being a Public Restroom Mechanic to a Quartermaster and finally to commanding his own ship, The Spaghetti Mom. Captain Berkeley witnessed the planet end out at sea. He tells of his journeys from the chaotic ocean back to his family on land. With his enlarged ego and territorial nature, Captain Berkeley “makes” Mark find his past as he is still a Prisoner of the US

Kenati “Ken” McKenna: A young Water Shaman on a request from a future spirit to help Mark find his past by digging into his memories with raw psychic powers. With similar powers to the Psychedelic Undead, Ken teaches Mark how to psychically project Energy. However Mark is only able to with the use of his own blood + violence as a medium agent. Ken struggles to understand his father’s universal wisdom as “Planet Earth is much bigger than any story told orally”

“Gabby”: A mysterious female spirit claiming Mark is her father. Perhaps she is or maybe not, the spirit proves to be unreasonable and can’t sustain herself sensually for long periods of time. The cast wonder if she is in fact dead at all

Shirley: A female spirit or “Un-Timely” soul, cynically manipulating Ken for her own hot feminist agenda. Under the guidance of an unknown party, Shirley is somehow able to capture and show Mark’s memories whenever he revisits the places from his memories he remembers

J. Welge: a Real Developer, working hard to bring fans of the profoundly unique and excitable #WELGESTYLE to both life and style with indomitable ease and evocative sensual feeling

Villains and Adversaries

Welge’s Dead, when shot at, can have their limbs blown off. Head Shots are possible, fingers go flying and the shotgun will explode them into pieces at close range. Take off the head and they “should” fall down – ‘dead or so you think’. Some limbs are envisioned to continue to eat, even if its ‘a feral hand just squeezing’ or a disembodied eye giving the ‘1000 mile’ stare

Lesser & Classics

Man-Eaters: The Classic and All-Known Human Zombie. Some are slow, without limbs while others are ninja aggressive to not be taken lightly

Hellfire Doober: A Hellish and caught on Fire Doober Undead Hound. Fast in nature and travels in packs. Don’t let them surround you casting based Fire Spells regains their health!


Scorne: One of the most animal-like Archdead. Scorne is a combination of a crustacean and scorpion. Obsessive to understand “Time”, Scorne antagonizes Mark and Ken about how they can use power

Zhern: An Archdead with a Demon’s voice that indulges ‘in all manners of flesh’ to be the strongest man in the universe! Unsure if it was a man, woman or child (or if the question matters at this point), Zhern has taken a serious interest in Mark as to what manner of flesh he is to survive in this “death wonderland.” More so, he is willing to chew and taste to find out

Venus: An Archdead that has taken female qualities constantly consuming Undead as make-up. Venus attracts then pulverizes Undead into dust, slime – and perfume. Venus struggles for Mark to accept her a female as she tries to get his attention like a Siren. She is not in the game of love though. For who is she without having others to reflect her behaviour off? Various modes include:

Venus Turn Around
Venus Arisen
With Technicals
Gobo: A trollish and goblin Archdead that can never keep his appetite under control (as well as lame jokes.) With an affinity to cause chaos amongst those with minds, Gobo aims to understand what limitation actually is

Death Giants

All Undead, no matter Classic or Arch, are looking to eat and feed off everything. When they consume others, their wills: multiply, combine or in other times “fail out.” In average cases, the Death Giant expands in grotesque size with an outstanding and primal-driven hunger. Fortunately for the Player, unless provoked, they don’t pose a threat for why should a Death Giant settle for small fry when there is bigger game for them eat

Current Death Giants

Crios: A Worm Death Giant that tunnels within the ground before slurping unsuspecting pray at the surface. When you see large Undead or feel the ground quaking then know Crios is within the vicinity!

Titan: A fusion between Man, Spider and Industrial that’s bound by rotting web. With it’s giant fangs it has the ability to snap huge things in two. It’s web sack is interesting, somehow beating like a heart that shoots out a metal retractable mouth. There is a strong possibility an Archdead has taken this Death Giant over, for its dying body still moves and commands with a Gel-like Jousting Spear

Grotesque: The most common Death Giant. These Giants are literal flesh masses spewing stomach acids like water from a hose and dissolving itself into nothingness. With limbs reaching out and screams of the dead, this is the worst case scenario where all life is potentially headed

Weapons and Powers

Time Ramesside currently has the standard weapons such as Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. However, do not fear as Welge is no doubt ‘aiming’ to include other types of weaponry such as an Acid-Gun and a variation to melee weaponry, as well as customization to the player’s melee weapons. With the new Material Based Economy, you can create and send for all kinds of items and weapons! One of which is the Cross-Bow! You can loot or scavenge certain materials like Metal Cylinders and Gun Chambers! With the Cross-Bows in the ‘Hornsby Tablet’, it becomes a selection away with the parts

Loot can be used as right off the field. After you kill spiders, you can extract the sticky silk webs for the Web Sack modification under Zombified Weaponry. Coupled with the Dead Reckonings you can stick the zombie in place while lighting them on fire for a Cinematic Fatal Death (C.F.D)

Blood Spells

With the help of a Water Shaman, Mark will be able to use Psychic-like skills using his own aggressiveness as a medium for specific powers. When attacking with guns or melee weapons, Mark generates power for his Violence Meter as a resource pool. Be warned as using Blood Projections without resource will instead use your Health as a resource supply

Teleport: Jump from area to area that not only generates magic at 0 cost but provides an easy escape when things get too hot

Fireball: Releases a Fireball that Explodes

Slow: Slows Time Down when playing

Cure: The Standard Heal spell that Recovers Health

Style: Brings that hot #WELGESTYLE into sharper relief for added excitement

“Our (Original) Undead” were created using a specific virus and thus have the powers to manifest in and out of reality – like the clouds in the open sky of dreams. They are also so driven to devour and consume they will eat: themselves, buildings – and anything in their sights. Eventually in time (and in game) they will accumulate into a Death Giant! Some that have retained a sense of mind are referred to as Archdead. But be warned, these Undead don’t go down simply because you gave them head. Shots

Blood Spells: Players use Psychic-like skills such as Telekinesis to grab or push foes to you and for Teleporting using the Original Magic system as described above. Unlike in most games that use Magic, our Blood System’s Resource Pool comes from Aggressive Shooting and Melee attacks to generate Magic Points. If the Magic Points are not available for certain Spells, it causes the HP to be used instead. Further, it will temporarily cause that Health to not be regained until interacting with the Obelisk Totems. We want the players to be aggressive and not be afraid of who or what they are fighting as this is not a game of patience

Obelisk Totems: Players will be able to interact with various Obelisks that have many Area of Effects abilities in varying ranges. Players use these Abilities and AOEs to influence Undead Spawn Rate, Certain Buffs like Increased Strength and gaining back HP lost from abuse of the Magic System

Zombified Weaponry: By killing certain Undead, players can use some of their limbs or such as the Mamma Spider’s web sack. In our vision we will use it as kind of grenade launcher attachment to Slow or Hold enemies in place

Free-Shoot System: A stylized and timed targeting system that aids in the destruction of zombies in multitudes. Great when swarmed by Undead where you may need a free pass to destroy ‘em all – like rotting Pokemon

Dead Reckonings: The Player will be able to discover using misc. items such as liters or scraps of metal as components for a Finishing Move. Think of Skyrim’s Kill Cams meets Mortal Kombat’s finishing moves that gives misc junk one would otherwise throw away for some real purpose! Discovered Dead Reckonings are also selectable via the main Tablet

Material Based Economy: Directly use scavenged parts, rubble, prison toilet paper and other items into new weapons, ammunition and more that weeds out the use and grind for money. Why need money when it will not save you from a horde of manifesting zombies?
Mark Faraoh, an amnesiac prisoner, awakens as zombie manifestations break into his cell to devour him. After killing them, Mark is eerily guided out of the prison by a glowing mist believing the two are kin. Escaping the prison reveals a fate worse than solitary confinement as the land is devoid of human life while the never-ending undead mercilessly consume everything in their place from rubble to their own flesh! Unsure if this is a Hellish Reality or a Horrific Nightmare, Mark seeks answers that will stretch from the cells of death to the stars (that are views unto themselves) as the world rots anew.

On top of that: There is a Energy Currency (that’s completely dollar-less) collected from simply: exploring the field, killing adversaries and creating. This Energy Currency is used to buy more modes and features in offline and online environments. Why play a game in its offline mode to grind for money and do it again in online play when everyone’s time is money?

Rated-Reward Style System: By killing Undead in the most gruesome way, players are rewarded by not a Point Based System but a Rated-Reward system that decreases the creation time of all items with the Material Based Economy

Hornsby Tablet: A Graphic Tablet that encompasses the game’s menu and further options. The player can access Weapons to create and send for (on demand) while also checking inventory. Undead Bestiary, Zombie Parts and Story logs are viewed here as well. There is also a GPS driven world map that can also be used for Teleporting and Original Game Modes. Named after Bruce Hornsby – that power, that drive

Zombie Creator: After players kill Undead or Death Giants, they can create their own Archdead for offline and online play in all modes. However you may need to kill the same Undead a couple times to get all of its parts, traits and power ups

New Game Z+: After finishing the main campaign, players can free roam as their created Archdead to focus on later endgame content that is Canon to the Overall Plot. They will face one of the major antagonists of the game in his all overpowered glory

Devour and Destroy: A specific Undead Mode that allows players to have a true Archdead vs Archdead match focusing on devouring the land, buildings and each other accumulating into a Death Giant. Whoever becomes the largest or last standing Death Giant is the winner!

Obelisk Riser: Human Players have to hold out inside of the largest Obelisk Totem using their Weapons and Magic against NPC Undead and Archdead Players. Human Players are encouraged to Plant and use smaller Obelisk Totems to influence all Undead. The Goal the Match is to Influence if the Power Level of the Obelisk Totem area by giving it energy after killing NPC Undead or Player Archdead from 0-100%. It’s the opposite for the Archdead Players trying who are aiming to take it to 0

Horde Mode: Battles waves of Undead in a Local Co-Op mode that will features broader online services

There are plenty of things to take a peak at from: screen-shots, trailers, promotional images and play the Permanent Alpha release!
Forewarning: there are rogue zombies known as Archdead with minds, memories and experiences coupled with their own Blood Projections to troll and try to eat the player. With every encounter with the clouds of zombies, they will devour all things imaginable until they attain the colossal and primal-driven nature of the Death Giants! Fortunately, or perhaps not, the virus can't spread by bites or scratches with these paranormal zombies manifesting in and out of reality! There are no safe zones with "Time" against the player!

Current Early Access Features

Balanced Gameplay - Continuing to Balance and Adjust gameplay from fan critiques and support! Voice your opinions to help continue make this game an amazing project!

Updated Prison Level - Extended and Improved Level Design. Voice your opinions to help us make a better game!

Original Blood Magic System - Generate Magic by playing Aggressively whether shooting, running and even casting spells. Some spells Actually have a 0 point cost and generate magic with the Magic Meter having the ability to Overcharge. Casting spells with no Magic will result in your Health being used as a Resource Pool instead.

More Weapons - More weapons have been added such as the Grenade Launcher and Assault Rifle

Soon to be Implemented with Time and Funding

Obelisk Totems - By exchanging Experience Points as Currency, Players can obtain: More Spells and Level them, Control Undead Spawning Rate and Gain Special Area of Effect Bonuses

Leveling System and RPG Mechanics - Experience Points obtained to increase Stats and Power of player. Experience Points are not only used to Level but used as a Currency for Obelisk Totems.

Magic System - Nodes to Customize how Spells behave and Health Penalty for casting Spells that require Magic Points when none are present to use.

3D Modeling & Animation - More Models, Updating Current Models and Assets while giving original Animation.

Original Story - When the Gameplay systems have been Balanced and Polished the Original Story will have it's time to be put into the game.


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