TRI: Of Friendship and Madness :: TRI:友情与疯狂

TRI: Of Friendship and Madness

开发: Rat King Entertainment




准备一场烧脑的第一人称冒险吧!你会看到一个古怪之神构建的世界,会领略神奇的 TRI 魔法,并用它在这个充满奇迹的宇宙中,探索出向前行进的道路。

古怪之神世界中的挑战无处不在:走廊的拐角、头顶的横梁、亦或是高塔和地牢,你必须灵活运用 TRI 魔法才能解决这些谜题。借助 TRI 魔法,你可以在周围的墙壁上布置锚点并连成三角形,然后便可以行走于这些三角形平台之上,利用它们使自己到达高处平台。这种魔法会帮助你解决谜题,攀登陡峭的斜坡,反射光束甚至在墙上行走 ...... 一旦你发现它的用法,你就明白了!

TRI 是一个第一人称解谜类游戏,它会深刻考验你的空间感,让你的大脑发挥到极致!


  • TRI 魔法 - 通过连接出三角形来构造属于你自己的道路,然后使用他们来解决散布在古怪之神世界中的谜题。
  • 可以到达任意地方 - 仔细的规划和思考可以让你借助三角形到达几乎任何地方,考虑它的摆放位置并寻找神秘的狐狸雕像,以解锁下一关。
  • 新的技能 - 总有新的元素等你来发现,新的能力等你来获取。想要在墙上行走?反射光束?使用传送?它们都在等着你呢!
  • 重玩价值 - 解决总共16个谜题已经够困难了,但你依旧可以发现隐藏的神像,挑战最佳通关时间,或者使用尽量少的三角形,在挑战模式的排行榜中超越其他玩家。
  • 第一人称解谜 - TRI 是一个属于思考者的 FPS,这里没有暴力和杀戮,尽情地享受探索、解谜、连接三角形的乐趣吧。这是一次对技能和空间感的真正考验!

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About This Game

Prepare for a mind-bending first-person adventure, as you enter the world of the Odd Gods and discover the magical power of the TRI! Master abilities that let you create your own path through an immersive universe full of unknown wonders.

With every twist of a corridor, every raised gantry over your head, every new floor of towers and dungeons in the Odd Gods’ world, TRI challenges you to think outside the box. Empowered by the TRI artifact, you place anchor points on the walls around you and conjure triangular platforms which can be climbed on, walked over and otherwise employed to negotiate the levels ahead. They’ll help you solve puzzles, reach otherwise impossible ascents, reflect light beams and even walk up walls… once you discover how to do it, that is!

A real test of spatial awareness, TRI is a mix of first-person and puzzle gameplay that will push your mind to the absolute limit!

Game Features

  • The Power Of TRI – Create your own path through each level by conjuring triangles out of thin air, then use them to solve puzzles scattered throughout the world of the Odd Gods.
  • Go Anywhere, Everywhere – Careful planning and thought can see you go almost anywhere using the triangles; think about where you place them and hunt for the mystical fox statues that allow you to move on!
  • New Abilities – There’s always something new to learn, always a new power to be earned. Want to walk on walls? Redirect light rays? Use teleportation? It’s all waiting to be discovered!
  • Replay Value – Finding your way through each of TRI’s 16 stages is taxing enough, but you can also hunt for hidden idols, beat the best time or meet fewest triangle targets, against other players on the in-game leaderboards of the Challenge Mode.
    The hidden idols also unlock bonus content like making-of pictures and developer commentaries!
  • First-Person Puzzling – TRI is a thinking gamer’s FPS; there’s no violence or killing, only the joy of exploration, puzzle solving and triangle conjuring. It’s a true test of skill and spatial awareness!


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