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GestureWorks Gameplay
GestureWorks Gameplay

开发: Ideum, Inc.


GestureWorks Gameplay is a low-cost utility that enables users to define their own controls schemes for many games on Windows 8. Version 3 of Gameplay offers a multitouch GUI and enhanced in-game touch gesture response. Gameplay is compatible with Steam’s In-Home Streaming. Download the free trial to see if Gameplay is compatible with your favorite games today!

Offering a robust set of features, Gameplay allows not just for gamepad and keyboard emulation, but for whole new ways of playing. The utility supports mouse and keyboard input. These can be mapped to onscreen objects, like D-pads, joysticks, buttons, and switches, but can also be mapped to a variety of multitouch gestures. Gamers can simply link a game matching Gameplay’s requirements and enjoy touch controls as an overlay on top of their game.

The Android Remote feature allows gamers to turn their Android devices into customizable gamepads and connect via Bluetooth to any Windows 8 device running GestureWorks Gameplay - even Windows 8 devices without touchscreens. Multiplayer setups are also possible with Android Remotes or other peripherals, allowing local co-op and competitive play. The Android Remote also features accelerometer support so that motion controls can be mapped to the accelerometer in the Android device.

The new HCI Pack DLC allows gamers to use a host of new HCI devices to create rich custom interaction schemes. Custom voice commands can be added to games that previously only used limited keyboard and mouse input. High fidelity 3D motion and wearable sensor gestures can be added to games to complement existing interactions or entirely replace control methods. Users can even blend input methods such as touch and voice controls or motion and touch to create hybrid controllers that open fresh new ways to experience and explore PC games.

Gameplay is great on tablets and other Windows 8 touchscreen devices, making gaming more mobile without sacrificing games that are not already touch-enabled. The concept of an editable and shareable “Virtual Controller” enables users to publish their own creations to the Gameplay community. There are over 600 Virtual Controllers created by community available for download.



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