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开发: Daybreak Games


Landmark is an online sandbox where you can design and build anything you can imagine, and help create content for EverQuest Next.

Early Access Game:
What the developers have to say:
“ATTENTION : Landmark is in Closed Beta. That means we are still adding core feature sets and making changes to gameplay. Everything in the game is currently subject to change.

You are encouraged to interact directly with the development team via the Steam Community, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and our official Forums. ”

Welcome To Landmark!
Hello from the Landmark Development Team!

We’ve been working hard on Landmark and are excited to share it with the Steam community! Players are already creating spectacular building projects, as well as helping contribute to the development of EverQuest Next.

We’d love to have you along for the ride!
Founder's Packs Options
Landmark Offers Three Different Packs
  • Settler Pack - $19.99 – Includes unrestricted Landmark Beta access plus exclusive in-game items
  • Explorer Pack - $59.99 – Includes all Settler Pack items plus several additional items not included in the Settler Pack
  • Trailblazer Pack - $99.99 – Includes all Settler and Explorer Pack items plus additional items not included is the Settler and Explorer Pack, such as 4 sharable permanent Landmark Beta keys and your name in the Landmark Credits.

Purchase a Founder's Pack! Join now, stake your claim, and help build EverQuest Next!


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