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Zone 22
22 区

开发: Nordic Legacy



Zone 22 is a first person game set in an alternative universe where the Nazis won against the race towards the Atom bomb and conquered the world during World War 2. You as the player is a part of the wonderful society of Zone 22, where you need to survive each and everyday by behaving, working and eating. Or will you rebel against this tyrannic foe?

Key Features
  • Earn your cash and experience within many of the different kinds of workstations

  • Spend your money on cigarettes, alcohol or upgrades to your apartment

  • 36 Different kinds of quests with branching events. Every quest is different and failure does not mean game over

  • Everyday is different, events will occur dynamically throughout the zone

  • Level up and spend your skill points to improve your character

  • 16 Different endings

  • Sabotage the zone to gain trust with the rebels and increases your chances of winning when you eventually decide, to fight back!

  • Black and White filter can be disabled...

How will you decide the ultimate fate of Zone 22? Will you work and stay indoors like a good citizen? Or will you fight back and lead your people to freedom?


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