Distant Star: Revenant Fleet :: 遥远的行星:战舰归来

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

开发: Blazing Griffin Ltd.



Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a real-time, space-strategy game for PC, featuring fleet-based combat with persistent ship upgrades in a dynamically generated galaxy.

In Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, you take control of the last remaining ships of a near-destroyed A’kari fleet, and must rebuild your forces as you battle through ancient, galactic battlefields towards a final showdown with the Orthani.

Like RTS? Like roguelike? Like space? This is the game for you!

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet combines fast-paced RTS gameplay with roguelike elements. You can mix and match your small fleet of ships, upgrade their weapons, gain experience, new skills and traverse the galaxy, system by system, experiencing a series of mission types. Each sector in the galaxy and the missions within each system are dynamically generated so each playthrough is a different experience. Story events offer you a range of choices which may affect whether or not you are attacked (or you attack your enemy), are rewarded or the option to upgrade your ships.

All set within a beautifully designed universe with an eerily atmospheric soundtrack - Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a game you'll be playing again and again...

What's currently live

  • All Ships (Assault, Tech, Pulsar, Lancer, Carrier, Rogue, Dreadnought)
  • All Mission Types (Hunt, Defend, Ambush, Capture, Escort, Defence), with hundreds of variations of each
  • All sector maps
  • Basic weapons and upgrades
  • All story events
  • Loot system
  • Pirates!
  • Pause gameplay to issue commands
  • Unit experience and leveling
  • Quest system
  • Final battle with the Erebus Platform

What's still to come

  • Dozens of support upgrades, system modules and weapon upgrades
  • Combat balancing
  • Performance optimisation

New content updates will be posted here, on our website and via our social channels as it is released. You can read our Development Roadmap to keep up to date.

The latest version of the game (v0.1.1.2) was released on 26th Feb 2015.


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