Finding Paradise :: 寻找天堂

Finding Paradise
寻找天堂   必买游戏


开发: Freebird Games

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罗莎莉恩医生(Dr. Rosalene)和沃茨医生(Dr. Watts)有一份非常特殊的工作:他们可以给人们重活一次的机会,从人生的最开始重头来过,当然这个机会只存在于将死之人的头脑里

由于其带来的严重后果,新的人工记忆将取代真实记忆成为病人临终前记住的事, 所以通过修改记忆去满足人们最后愿望的这种技术只能对临死的人实施。

《寻找天堂》是《 去月球 》系列作品的第二部完整剧集。 这次故事跟随医生们的新病人——科林(Colin)的一生而展开,他们试图揭开这位病人一分为二的生活,实现他看上去自相矛盾的最后愿望。


About This Game

Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts have peculiar jobs: They give people another chance to live, all the way from the very beginning... but only in their patients' heads.

Due to the severity of the operation, the new life becomes the last thing the patients remember before drawing their last breath. Thus, the operation is only done to people on their deathbeds, to fulfill what they wish they had done with their lives, but didn’t.

Finding Paradise is the 2nd full episode of To the Moon's series. It follows the life of the doctors' new patient, Colin, as they attempt to unravel a life that is split down the middle, and fulfill a wish that appears to be self-contradictory by nature.

*Like To the Moon, this is a standalone full game that does not require having played any previous games in the series.




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