FACTIONS: Origins of Malu :: 宗派:马鲁的起源

FACTIONS: Origins of Malu

开发: Burning Dog Media



Current Phase: Phase 1

The MMO is currently not available in Early Access, it will be over the next couple months and for more detail, please check out our Roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/kLhq58Ju/origins-of-malu-roadmap


Origins of Malu is a open world sandbox with a strong focus on strategy / skill and freedom to build and play how you want to play. Factions is the a testing component developed for Early Access to allow our community to get in and provide feedback on our system while we bring the MMO to full life.


All resources derived from Early Access will go towards refining and developing the game further, with the eventual goal of creating a full size open world MMO. To this end we have created a public roadmap of our planned development at https://trello.com/b/kLhq58Ju/origins-of-malu-roadmap

The purpose of this is to collect feedback on features and to give our community an understanding of our master plan, as well as the ability to influence and prioritize our development effort.


Our first phase will be the creation of a battleground game with a focus on combat and basic gameplay. it is our goal to make this is as tight as possible before we concern ourselves with other features.

  • All three races (Qulinta / Toljon / Jolah) playable
  • All Tier (1) skills of each race (3 races)
  • Dynamic charging abilities
  • 2 Battleground modes at launch
  • Destructables
  • Controllable structures such as cannons and artillery
  • Leaderboards and combat statistics **
  • Tournament system **

Domination - Coordinate with your team to capture the entire map! Distributed throughout the terrain are various faction nodes. The goal is to destroy the opposing team's nodes, allowing them to respawn as your own. This game style will include a series of power-ups, mini goals, and other fun surprises we have in store for you.

Capture the Chochobi - This is a new twist on an old favorite - capture the flag, but with space chickens! The goal of the game is to find the chochobi on the map and bring him back to your base. But be careful! He will twist and squirm and try to wriggle out of your grasp. You can try and run him home, or you can pass him to your teammates rugby style. We previewed this gameplay at PAX Prime 2012 with Alienware and it was very well received.

PHASE 2 - BIRTH OF AN MMO - Patch Codenamed: Bender

- Target Date: May 2015
From the foundation laid in phase 1 will rise the structure of the full fledged MMO to come. Phase 2 will build on the core mechanics and bring to life the full persistent open world of Malu.

  • Open persistent world
  • NPC's and Intelligent AI
  • Full customization of characters
  • Basic crafting system
  • Basic vehicles and mounts
  • Classless skill-based character development
  • Expanded localization/regional support


In phase 3 we will reveal the full scope of the Origins of Malu MMO as it was originally conceived!

  • Massive, diverse world map
  • Piece by piece constructable housing
  • Player generated quest system
  • Player created factions
  • Extensive skill-based crafting system
  • Player controlled combat vehicles and structures
  • Living environment that grows, dies, and reshapes itself around you

We would like to thank all the fans that have supported us from the beginning, and give a warm welcome to all the newcomers! We will be sharing frequent development updates and we hope you will join us on this exciting journey!


Orbiting a dying star in a forgotten solar system, the red, iron rich planet of Malu teems with life. Near the equator, on one of the few land masses, lies a colossal pillar that ignites the sky with energy. Every living thing feeds from this in one form or another. Crystalline orbs grow in trees and brush to collect energy which gets consumed by the strange and exotic beasts that stalk the crimson plains and yet there is a small moon thats fills the skyline of Zeta a smaller less refined planet that was a staging group of development thousands of years ago.

The unknown race of beings that created Malu had used Zeta as a staging ground for the creatures and races that would inherit Malu as their own. Forced in combat to test each races capabilities and weakness the inhabitants of Zeta are at the will and mercy of the ones who control the strings. There experiments that took place utilized great power that would resonate and shift time and space and sometimes opening portals to different times.


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