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开发: MyDream Interactive, Inc




MyDream is an online multiplayer sandbox game that combines grid-based building with organic and fully-deformable voxel terrain. Build, terraform, quest, and explore your way across various environments in beautiful and expansive worlds! Adventure with other players and meet the creatures and wildlife going about their everyday activities!

Join our online creative community to design and share your creations, or visit the ever-growing catalog of player-designed worlds. Players can even work together to make amazing creations! Give and receive world ratings and help the best creations rise to the top, where they will get featured in the game!

Key Features:

  • Combine powerful terrain tools, decorative blocks, and well-placed traps to shape and design content anywhere in your worlds.
  • Online system connects all of the MyDream worlds and makes it easy to visit worlds and play with others – even across multiple platforms.
  • Ability to easily make challenging quests and epic adventures using in-game items.
  • Place Geocaches for other players to discover or go exploring for Geocaches in other worlds.
  • Players can rate worlds they visit, and the top rated worlds are featured on the home screen.
  • Duel with your friends or take on creatures in the environment.
  • Ever-expanding database of items and content to enhance gameplay.
  • We host your worlds - no player server hosting is required.
  • No mandatory online subscriptions to access the game.


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