Beach Bounce :: 沙滩度假村

Beach Bounce

开发: Yume no Mikata




After Tomoyo's mother died he lost all contact with her side of the family, years later after finding an old keepsake, Tomoyo was able to remember his grandmother. Now Tomoyo finds himself at his grandmother Umi's beach resort, looking forward to a great summer where he can finally put the past to rest and possibly take his life forward in a better way than the coasting he was doing up until now.

Of Course there Is Always A Catch...

And now it looks like his summer vacation is dashed on the rocks before it begins.

The only upside is the many beautiful female staff members working at the resort.

Episode Releases...

Beach Bounce is made up of three episodes that chronical Tomoyo's three weeks at the Beach Bounce resort.
Episode 1 - Week 1 is available immediately.
Episode 2 - Week 2 will be released as a free update on 12th October 2015
Episode 3 - Week 3 will be released as a free update on 14th December 2015

Each episode will add multiple hours of gameplay to the current story, additional dates, more CG scenes, new branches and extra achievements to unlock. In addition the price of the game will increase slightly with each new episodes release, so buy the game sooner to get the best possible price and get the next episodes as free updates.

Resort Staff


* Multi-Choice and directional story
* Multiple pathways and multiple endings
* Good, Bad and Fun endings
* Several different possible romances
* Huge variety of characters and locations
* Over 50 CG Scenes depicting events


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