Below Kryll :: 克瑞尔

Below Kryll

开发: Team Kryll



Below Kryll is a huge world of community-made adventures!

A tight single-player 2D platforming action-RPG at heart, Below Kryll is a vast, online, continuous world composed of player made adventures. Everything you play, even the tutorial and story-mode themselves was created in-game.

The game's super simple, yet powerful adventure editor ensures the world can easily be expanded by anyone in the player community. Even if you are not the creator type, you can find literally hundreds of hours of quality gameplay already, with more adventures being created by the day.

Gameplay experience

After finishing a quick tutorial, you’ll be sent to explore your first player-made adventure!
Below Kryll features a tight platforming experience full of challenges and possibilities. The deeper you explore, the more wonders and surprises you’ll encounter.
There are already hundreds of adventures to play, ranging from story-based to puzzles, action, amazing pixelart, musical compositions, and tons of creativity.

Creation tools

While completely optional, you can easily expand the world with your own creations, where everyone can play, rank, comment and reward you for your content with access to epic creation items!
Published adventures will live forever in the world of Below Kryll, making your creation an everlasting part of one huge growing world.

Notable Features:

  • Be a true explorer, navigating and unraveling an ever growing world
  • NOTHING is random! All the content is hand crafted by either the players or the developers - ensuring you always experience unique and meaningful gameplay.
  • Single player experience, in a multiplayer world - see other players around you as you play
  • Gain XP and learn new powerful abilities that will help you in your journeys - more platforming abilities, fighting abilities and social interactions such as drawing for players around you while you play
  • There are already hundreds of hours of quality content to experience!
  • Extremely simple yet very powerful 'what you see is what you get' adventure editor - anything from simple platforming tools to advanced logic-gates and triggers
  • Participate in events such as races and compete against other players for gold and glory
  • The game is constantly evolving - new releases bring more gameplay mechanics, more abilities and add to the developer made main story of the game

Below Kryll is a unique experience that keeps on giving!


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