The Long Journey Home :: 漫漫归途

The Long Journey Home

开发: Daedalic Studio West





探索不断变化的宇宙。和 Wolphax 武士以及残忍的 Ilitza 奴隶帝国等奇怪的外星人组建联盟。磨练舰队成员从考古学研究到外交策略在内的各项技能。学习通常充满敌意的宇宙的法律,作出改变命运的艰难决定。为了回到地球竭尽所能。

Long Journey Home 将空间无尽的自由和由玩家掌控的全新开放的任务系统结合在一起。应受困 Glukkt 的请求,将他送回自己的母星,或者送给新的奴隶商朋友。尝试和所有人形成联盟,或者将希望与更强大的种族维系在一起,并希望他们永远不会背叛。在一个持续变化的宇宙中不断跃迁,做出艰难决定并承担相应后果。







About This Game

There are a million worlds in the galaxy. Only one of them is Home.

It was supposed to be a short test run - a quick flight to Alpha Centauri and back. But when mankind’s first experimental jump drive goes wrong, a misfit crew finds itself trapped on the wrong side of the universe - alone, injured, falling apart. The only way back… is through.

Explore an endlessly shifting universe. Form alliances with strange aliens, from the noble Wolphax Knights to cruel-minded Ilitza slaver empire. Harness your crew’s skills in everything from research to archeology to diplomacy. Learn the laws of an often hostile universe, and make tough decisions that may change it forever. Do whatever it takes to get back to Earth.

The Long Journey Home combines the endless freedom of space with a new open questing system that always leaves you in command. Deliver the stranded Glukkt to his homeworld as he asks, or to your new slaver friends? Attempt to make allies with everyone, or pin your hopes on the tougher races, and hope they never turn on you? Jump by jump, make hard decisions and live with the consequences, in a universe that is never the same twice.

One mission. Endless adventures.

Where will your Journey take you?


Endless Space
Explore a living, procedurally generated universe inspired by both classic and modern Science Fiction. Meet different aliens. Find different stories. Take different risks. Learn the secrets of the universe and with them, new possibilities.

Hidden stories
Raid alien tombs full of traps and treasure. Compete in the galaxy’s greatest combat tournament. Find and research strange artifacts, and use your crew’s skills to find out whether that old skull is just a piece of bone, or the Holy Grail of an aggressive new species.

A crew worth leading
Choose four out of ten experts, all with personality as well as specialties. Far from just stats, you’ll come to know them as they share their feelings, their fears, their excitement and their concerns on the trip and your decisions. Learn how best to use their skills to help the others… and who might be willing to sacrifice themselves to get the others back Home.


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