Sparkle 2 :: 闪耀祖玛 2

Sparkle 2
闪耀祖玛 2

开发: 10tons Ltd





  • 体验绝佳出众的祖玛消除类动作益智游戏
  • 感受精美强大的画面特效
  • 探索4种不同游戏模式:故事模式,生存模式,挑战模式和灾难模式
  • 体验故事模式中90多个独一无二的关卡
  • 可以给发射台装备超过200种组合的16款魔法道具
  • 发现刺激旅地,揭开神秘面纱
  • 让你沉浸在由专业旁白演绎的故事世界
  • 欣赏由备受赞誉的作曲家乔纳森·吉尔倾情谱写的音乐

About This Game

Challenge the darkness with your swift orb matching skills, mighty magical enchantments and earthshaking powerups. Match the orbs before they fall into the abyss and find your way through mysterious lands of startling beauty!

A long time ago five enchanted keys were created. The keys were scattered around the lands, and they still remain undiscovered. Many have come to find them, and so far all have failed. Will you find the keys and unlock the secrets, or will you join the endless ranks of souls forever trapped within these lands?

Sparkle 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning hit game Sparkle enjoyed by millions of players since 2007. Sparkle 2 is an independent sequel and a spiritual successor to the first installment suitable for both new and existing fans of the series.


  • Experience premium action puzzle gaming
  • Admire state of the art special effects
  • Explore three game modes: Story, Survival, and Challenge
  • Discover over 90 unique levels throughout the story
  • Supercharge your Slinger with over 200 combinations of 16 different Enchantments
  • Find exciting locations and delve deep into the mystery
  • Immerse yourself in a story narrated with professional voice overs
  • Enjoy the soundtrack by the award-winning composer Jonathan Geer


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