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Production Inc.

开发: Solo Instinct



In a world with a debt to an all consuming creature at it's centre, where capitalists must feed the creature money in order to stop it destroying the planet, as a factory owner you must make enough money, by the end of the week, to feed the creature. The public will see you as greedy but that is the price to pay for the brave capitalists, the secret heroes of the world.

Production Inc. is a 2D puzzle game where you can make a production line to manufacture objects in any shape you want. You will be running a factory whilst trying not to go bankrupt. At the end of the week you will have to pay the debt. You will make money by getting contracts and setting up a production line to manufacture objects that fulfil the contracts specifications. To do this you will buy the appropriate machines and materials, build the production line, program the machines and maintain them. The contracts have a quality threshold so you can cut corners to make a little extra profit.

you can:
  • take contracts to make shapes and objects
  • set up a production line to fulfil the contracts
  • build a wide variety of machines
  • program the machines however you wish
  • repair your production line to keep it operating efficiently
  • use the dynamic item system to make any shape you want
  • fulfil your contracts to make some money
  • try to make as much money as you can
  • fail to pay your bills and go bankrupt

music by Chris Heron


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