Super Bomb Rush! :: Super Bomb Rush!

Super Bomb Rush!
Super Bomb Rush!

开发: Curvature Systems



[SBR! is a constant work in progress. Some features are not yet complete]

SUPER addictive. SUPER challenging. SUPER BOMB RUSH!

A new era of hardcore Defuse 'Em Up has begun!

Keep calm as you defuse a barrage of bombs, each one more complex than the last, all within five seconds. Can you clear all 50 and proclaim yourself a Master of defusal? Just remember to REMAIN CALM!

Final Features:

  • Addictive, challenging, yet rewarding bomb defusal action!
  • Arcade Mode beckons with 50 intense bombs to conquer!
  • Versus Mode allows you to challenge a friend to a duel to the boom!
  • Co-op Mode allows you and a friend (or friends!) to work together to overcome the barrage as a team!
  • Beat Rush Mode is a unique, stage-based quest mode where you defuse to the beat!
  • Heaps of hidden Modes and secrets to unlock as reward for your dedication!
  • Delve deeper into SBR! by completing special Challenges that unlock super-secret content!
  • Music produced by ArgoFox. A soundtrack so full of pure energy and filthy bass, it should be made illegal!

Current Features:

  • Arcade Mode (complete) v0.4.3a
  • Versus Mode (currently not available) v0.4.3a
  • Co-op Mode (currently not available) v0.4.3a
  • Beat Rush Mode (currently not available) v0.4.3a
  • Various SBR! Challenges (some not yet available/Elite Challenges not yet available) v0.4.3a

All unlocks and game progress will carry over to new versions of SBR!

Some Steam Achievements are not yet unlockable.

Windows Xbox 360 controller support is enabled (on Windows).


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