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开发: Tinimations

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Klang 是对传统节奏游戏的革新和颠覆,游戏的风格不再局限于在一个快节奏探索、搭建平台和战斗的世界里跟着节拍按按钮。

Klang 中,玩家扮演一个挥舞调谐刀的、精英级的、胡言乱语的勇士,踏上将自己从声音之王索诺思的枷锁中解救出来的征程。在挑战水平逐渐增加的关卡中一路奋战到底,与音乐融为一体,根据试听提示记录每一次动作和攻击的时间。

设为传奇的 EDM 作曲家 bLiNd 的音乐,即使是技能水平最高的一心可多用的玩家,Klang 中的挑战肯定也能让你的肾上腺素急速飙升。


  • 游戏机制基于快速、愉快的旋律
  • 霓虹灯审美漂亮且华丽
  • 原声大碟由杰出的 EDM 作曲家 bLiNd 创作
  • 2 到 4 小时的游戏时间,外加一个可以解锁的 Nightcore 困难模式,将真正核心游戏与休闲游戏区分开来
  • 可使用键盘、Xbox 360、Xbox One 或 PS4 控制器游戏

About This Game

Klang is an innovative take on traditional rhythm games that pushes the genre beyond pressing buttons to tempo into a world of fast-paced exploration, platforming and combat.

In Klang, players assume the role of a tuneblade-wielding, elite rave warrior on a quest to free himself from the shackles of Soundlord Sonus. Become one with the music as you battle your way through increasingly challenging levels, timing every action and attack to audio visual cues.

Set to the music of legendary EDM composer, bLiNd, Klang is an adrenaline rush sure to challenge even the most skilled of multitaskers.

Key Features

  • Fast and euphoric rhythm-based gameplay
  • Beautiful neon aesthetic
  • Original soundtrack by the illustrious EDM composer, bLiNd
  • 2 to 4 hours of playtime, plus an unlockable Nightcore difficulty mode to separate the truly hardcore from the casuals
  • Play with a keyboard, Xbox 360, Xbox One or PS4 controller


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