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  • 探索新边界。广阔开放的环境具有非常逼真的环境效果 —— 从一天中各时段的光线到斑驳的森林和白雪皑皑的山脉,再到火山、峡谷、深邃的海洋和灼热的沙漠 —— 你必须寻找自己的出路。
  • 与配音演员所饰演出栩栩如生(但不会呼吸)的角色一同体验一段精彩动人的故事。
  • 在恶劣的天气和温度中生存下来 —— 并不惜一切代价保护安妮!
  • 结合了探索、逻辑与动作的有趣玩法。
  • 制造传送门以穿越地表。
  • 战斗 —— 或找出避免战斗的办法。
  • 用环境中找到的资源来制造、改良、及装置重要的工具。
  • 发掘外星文明的遗迹,将他们的语言加以解密并重建他们的技术。
  • 欣赏美妙的配乐。


About This Game

You play ION, a young exploration unit on a mission to secure natural resources. When you crash-land on an alien planet your ship is almost completely destroyed. Not only do you have to survive in a strange new world full of dangers, but to have even a hope of escape you must find a way to contact your home planet for help.

With only your ship’s A.I. for company, you set out to explore your new home. On your journey you encounter ANI, a small, stranded service unit who identifies as female. ANI is the first to admit she’s a bit mad, but she is also a valuable resource, and it soon becomes clear that there will be no escape without her.

And so, the two of you begin a journey that neither of you is prepared for, on a planet where even the laws of nature seem not to apply. A journey in which ION and ANI must face the strangest of all possible challenges if they are to have any hope of living to tell their own story.


  • Explore a new frontier. Large open environments with realistic environmental effects – from time-of-day lighting to dappled forests and snow-covered mountains, to volcanoes, canyons, deep oceans and scorching deserts – you must find your way.
  • Experience a story with living (but not breathing) characters, brought to life by voice actors.
  • Survive harsh weather conditions and temperatures – and protect ANI at all costs!
  • An intriguing mix of exploration, logic and action gameplay.
  • Create portals to traverse the landscape.
  • Fight – or find ways to avoid combat.
  • Craft improvements and critical tools from resources found in the environment.
  • Discover the remnants of an alien civilization, decrypt their language and restore their technology.
  • Enjoy a beautiful soundtrack.

Be warned. Phoning Home starts easy, but gets quite challenging in the later stages of the game. Can you leave the planet?


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