Ahnayro: The Dream World :: Ahnayro:梦幻世界

Ahnayro: The Dream World

开发: Alice & Smith




From the creators of The Black Watchmen and the team behind The Secret World Alternate Reality Games comes Ahnayro, a narrative-driven puzzle game firmly rooted in real world history.


  • This game can only be played at night.
  • Gameplay requires real world knowledge. You will need to research in encyclopedias, historical texts and the web in order to complete the puzzles.
  • This is not your typical puzzle game. :)

Discover Ahnayro

You are gifted with the ability to look beyond the veil of reality, investigating a universe that opens up to you every night, haunting you, beckoning you to solve the mysteries within.

Yet you are not in control of this world; you are at the mercy of mysterious entities who flow in and out of your mind. Your only hope of gaining control is to piece together your fragmented visions and confront these spirits.

As in any dream, however, this new reality draws from the waking world, and understanding one necessitates understanding the other.

Discover the meaning of this obscured reality, unlocked at night. Discover Ahnayro.

Gameplay Overview

The dream world reveals itself in fragments. It is up to you to piece together information and discover the hidden meaning behind them. Through a series of research and logic-based puzzles which challenge your knowledge of real world historical events, figures, art and mythology, you will slowly uncover the identities of those who speak to you in your dreams.

Early Access Features

  • To thank you for participating in the Early Access period, we have discounted the price by 50%.
  • Early Access is limited to the first 10 puzzles and a tutorial for the game.

Full Gameplay Features

  • Delve into the twisted logic of your dreams through an engaging narrative integrated within the puzzles themselves.
  • Ethereal visual style, and atmospheric original soundtrack from the composer of The Black Watchmen, usher you into the unique world of Ahnayro.
  • Experience additional dreams and uncover more fragments to solve
  • Employ your knowledge of the real world - historical figures and events, science, established mythology, etc. - or seek it out on the web to discover the meaning behind your dreams.

Future Features Based on the Success of the Game

  • Oculus Rift & Intel RealSense integration: navigate and solve puzzles using hand gestures, presented in a 180-degree interface, allowing for even more immersion.
  • Steam achievements and Steam trading cards.
  • Integration with Steam Workshop.
  • Localisation in Russian, French, and German.


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