Creepy Castle :: 诡异城堡

Creepy Castle
诡异城堡   必买游戏


开发: Dopterra






  • 诡异城堡不仅仅只是一个城堡而已,它是由许多故事综合起来的,每个故事都有1个多小时的流程而且各自都有其独特的角色、剧情和游戏操作。
  • 在游戏中与众多的城堡居民以及boss进行独特的回合制战斗,利用技能的元素来克服每一个敌人!每个敌人都有属于自己的决斗方式,也会在战斗中触发属于他们自己的特殊决斗方式。
  • 在游戏中收集各种各样的信件,有的信件包含着知识和提示,有的则是疯子写下的潦草的思考,还有的是可以帮助你理解Dopterra宇宙的情报的已经很陈旧了的信件。
  • 玩家可以按照自己的喜好随意自定义界面!选择各种窗口皮肤、字符发光的过滤器,你甚至可以更改玩家和敌人的生命条和心的样式!
  • 在寓言集中了解更多关于诡异城堡中的敌人的情报!

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About This Game

A conspiracy is welling deep within the stone walls of an ancient castle.The keep’s master is leading its denizens to construct a revolutionary new device made to move the world forward onto a new path of evolution.Arriving to investigate is our plucky adventurer, Moth, but what lies in store is a secret too vast to be contained by mere castle walls. Prepare to enter an imaginative fantasy world of bugs, battles and bravery in​ Creepy Castle!

Creepy Castle is an exploratory, sidescrolling RPG about an awesome moth, conveniently named Moth, who aims to uncover the vast secrets of a creepy castle. It’s a fresh and charming adventure with the looks of a classic, but don’t be fooled by its retro appearance—it’ll kill you with modern gameplay mechanics. A twist on traditional turn-­based combat, Duels offer players a chance to score free hits on their opponent by performing well. Players shouldn’t let their guard down outside of Duels, however, or they might allow Moth to be squished by one of the castle’s many real-­time dangers, like traditional run-­and-­jump platformers.

● Creepy Castle follows not just one, but many stories, with each scenario taking players on a multiple ­hour adventure! ​Each story has its own characters, plot and different gameplay.
● Duel it out with a multitude of denizens and bosses in the game’s​ unique turn-based combat​ system and utilize the element of skill to overcome each foe! Each enemy has their own type of Duel​ and also their own special twist that they bring to battle.
● Collect various dusty tomes that contain wisdom, scribbled musings of madmen and dog­eared correspondence which help form a​ comprehensive collection of lore​ that gives insight into the ​ Dopterra universe​!
● Players can customize their interface to their liking! Choose from various window skins​,​ character glow filters and even​ health bars and hearts​ for both the player and enemies!
● Learn more about Creepy Castle’s various foes​ in the bestiary!


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