A Healer Only Lives Twice :: 只有两次生命的治疗师

A Healer Only Lives Twice

开发: Pon Pon Games



About Game

All You Need Is Heal!
Monsters have cornered you in the dungeon corridors.
As a newly hired Priest, your duties are to use your magical abilities to
heal your comrade, a Knight on the front-line, and provide support during battle.
Will these two brave souls live to see the light of day again?

Game description

This is a command-select strategy game. Quickly choose the skill you need
in order to revive your ally's HP, raise the effectiveness of their abilities,
and dictate the flow of battle in real time.

Another important role is advising your ally which opponent they should attack next.

Gather items and resources for crafting. Level up to become stronger, as you fight
your way through increasingly strong monster tiers. Some monsters will surprise you
with their bizarre attacks!

However, you do not have time to defeat all your enemies. There is only a limited
number of torches for lighting up the dungeon, and you must make your way to the
next tier before they burn out. A red ball item which can be found at each tier will
help you save time. When you use it, the Knight will unleash a single, powerful
attack which will take care of all remaining enemies! Only, enemies defeated with
this attack will not relinquish any items or experience points. It takes more than
a day to become a professional Knight or Priest, after all.

・Annihilate the enemies with your Special attack! (EXP/items will be gone, too...)

Publisher's Voice

This game cannot be finished in a single playthrough.

You need to try your adventure many times to earn the points,
then upgrade the healer from "UPGRADE" of the top menu.
For the first few times, you might get confused what to do,
but after a couple of trials, now the real fight begins.

・An example of UPGRADE. Power the healer up while he is taking a nap.

Playable in any of Controller / Keyboard / Mouse.
(You can find the same manual in your steam game folder, or the "quick ref" link on the right of this page.)


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