Political Animals :: 政治动物

Political Animals
政治动物   推荐游戏


开发: Squeaky Wheel






这款崭新的回合制策略游戏由菲律宾游戏工作室 Squeaky Wheel 开发,由 Democracy-3 的开发商 Positech Games 发行。《政治动物》有为数众多且不断增加的可玩角色、八张不同的地图场景,你可以发挥无穷的策略去一个选区一个选区地赢得民众的支持。 

- 五脏俱全的回合制策略游戏,每局游戏时长约为一到两个小时; 
- 八张精心设计的地图,基于某些蓝星国家; 
- 大量可控选择和自定义的动物竞选者; 
- 八种拥有特殊技能的幕僚可供任命,以你擅长的风格来参选; 
- 受三次元启发而刻画的随机政治事件。 

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About This Game

Political Animals is an election simulation game set within a fictional world populated by corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice. In a political contest where corruption is always around the corner, we want players to find out how incorruptible they really are.

In a world where politicians are animals and corruption is everywhere, do you have the integrity of Mousey, or the ruthlessness of Croccy? Will you fight your campaign on issues and in the best interests of the people, or will you succumb to the easier path of bribery and intimidation? Will you win votes...or will you buy them?

This new turn-based strategy game is developed by Philippines-based studio Squeaky Wheel and published by Democracy-3 developers Positech Games. Political Animals features a choice of playable characters, a choice of different maps and a number of strategies you can employ to win over the population, district by district.

Each turn you spend points to move your candidate and their supporting 'agents' around the political landscape to whip up popular support. You can bribe the voters to support you, raise funds from the wealthy, give gifts to the influential local district patrons, or hold rallies to build grass-roots support from the electorate. Along the way, expect to encounter random events, scandals and the agents of your opponent.

Like any modern election campaign, finances will play a big role in your day-to-day electioneering. Raising funds is a big part of your candidate's role, and you will find yourself crisscrossing the islands to empty the pockets of the wealthy in a 'good' cause. Of course, it's no good raising money if you don't intend to spend it, but the choice between campaigning and bribery is one that only you can make.

Don't think you have to play the part of 'goody-two-shoes' Mousey, you can play Political Animals any way you want. Fill your campaign team with thugs and agents that will intimidate the opposition, blockade them from entering certain districts, or maybe if you prefer a subtler form of corruption, fabricate some press scandals to ruin your opponent's image. After all, all's fair in love, war and politics right?


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