Meadow :: 草原


开发: Might and Delight




天堂是一个名叫“草原”的地方!广袤无垠,生命力无穷,而今还带来一种独特的社交体验。Might and Delight 邀请您在《草原》(Meadow) 郁郁葱葱的草地上自由地嬉戏玩耍,这是一款独特的多人沙盒游戏。



  • 在《避难所》系列游戏所创建的最广阔土地上,作为任何动物的组合在水、陆、空畅快玩耍。
  • 借助特别创建的表情、符号和声音与其他动物交流。
  • 运用感官发现和跟踪世上的其他玩家。
  • 造访兽穴,选择解锁多达 9 种不同动物、逾 60 种皮肤和逾 90 种表情及符号。
  • 您拥有的《避难所》游戏和产品越多,您所解锁的奖励越多。
  • Retro Family 创作的全新原创音乐。

  • 拥有任何《避难所》游戏,即可解锁在《草原》中作为那种动物来玩游戏的权利(例如拥有《避难所 2》可解锁山猫,诸如此类)。
  • 拥有所有游戏(不包含原声音乐或书籍)让您可作为“Paws”游戏中的可爱小熊来玩游戏。
  • 如果您拥有任何配乐组合,即可获得独特的音效。
  • 拥有我们的互动书籍将解锁独特的三维表情。
  • 整个《避难所》目录的收藏者和拥有者可解锁作为小鸟玩游戏的能力。

About This Game

Heaven is a place called Meadow! Vast, teeming with life and now a unique social experience. Might and Delight invites you to frolic freely in the lush fields of Meadow - a unique multiplayer sandbox.

Unlike traditional titles from the Shelter franchise, in Meadow the more time spent embracing the gameplay features in the world, the more you receive. Owning any previous Shelter related title(s) or products will also unlock in-game content. The open landscape also provides ample room for exploration with new patches and additions promised.

Band together with other animals, form uneasy allies or choose to explore alone. Whatever you decide, the open park life is one you will want to immerse yourself in.

Main features:
  • Play as any combination of animals on land, water or air in the largest expanse of land ever created for a Shelter game.
  • Communicate with other animals via specially created emotes, symbols and sounds.
  • Use senses to discover and track other players in world.
  • Visit the den to choose from up to 9 different animals, over 60 skins and over 90 expressions and symbols to unlock.
  • The more Shelter titles and products you own, the more bonuses you unlock.
  • New original music from Retro Family.

Shelter products in Meadow
  • Owning any Shelter game will unlock the ability to play as that animal in Meadow (e.g. owning Shelter 2 unlocks the lynx etc.)
  • Owning all games (no soundtracks or books included) will give you the possibility to play as the adorable bear cub from Paws.
  • Gain unique sound abilities if you own any combination of soundtracks.
  • Owning our interactive books will unlock unique 3-dimensional emotes.
  • For the collector and owner of the entire Shelter catalogue, you unlock the ability to play as a bird.


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