The book of commands : Lost Symbol :: The book of commands : Lost Symbol

The book of commands : Lost Symbol
The book of commands : Lost Symbol

开发: Limpage



...I'm lost in a dark place...
...I don't have any memories...
...I don't know anything...
...I want to get out of this place...
...What should I do?....

It's story about one girl who lost in unknown places. She just a small girl, But with the power of something like a miracle. The weak girl turned into a brave warrior. Now she needs to find a way to survive from here.

2D Action RPG Game from Limpage. "The book of commands : Lost symbol"
The player can level up, change class, change equipment, upgrade, craft item, setting skills. Do anything to finding a way to survive from the large dungeon and strong enemies.

- One large dungeon - All maps in this game are connected. You will found a lot of things in the dungeon.

- Leveling - Defeat the enemies, gain EXP and get stronger!.

- Light beads - It's something you will see when to defeat an enemies. The little girl called it as "Soul". This thing will help you to survive this dungeon.
Red soul - use for craft item, upgrade EMBLEM, unlock skills or abilities.
Green soul - recovery life point (HP).
Blue soul - recovery mystic point (MP).
Yellow soul - recovery stamina point (EP).
Special soul - recovery HP,MP,EP

- The EMBLEM - a mysterious stone. Turn the weak girl into the warrior. Each EMBLEM has different power.

- Emblem upgrade - upgrade, unlock skill, ability of the EMBLEM for getting stronger.

- Item - You can get an item by craft, find treasure or drop from the enemies.
This game has 4 types of item Tool, Equipment, Material, Special (Key, EMBLEMs).

- Craft - you can craft items at the save point.

- Ending - this game doesn't have one ending... and after end will unlock something.


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