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Virtual Battlemap
Virtual Battlemap

开发: Dragom


Build, Export, Play

In Virtual Battlemap you build a 3D battle maps, and then export Print & Web Quality 2D map images to be used in tabletop play or online play. Using the simple but powerful map editor you can build any battle map you want. You can also use the 3D maps with table projectors and Screen in table systems. Works with Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 and many others!

High Print Quality Exports

You can export high resolution Images that can be printed as full battle map posters like the ones you get with many pen and paper gaming rule sets including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Web Quality Exports

You can also export high quality "web friendly" images that can be used in Virtual Tabletops and web based system. Works great with programs like Fantasy Grounds 2, Roll20, MapTool, OpenRPG, Battlegrounds, D20Pro, EpicTable.


  • Multiple Dungeon Styles
  • Over 700 Dungeon Pieces to build you ultimate dungeon!
  • Over 35 DM Markers
  • Real Time Lighting (You Control)
  • Cool Particle Effects
  • Control Scale
  • Map Grids (None, Square, Hex)
  • Map Sizes (Extra Small, Small, Med, Large, Extra Large Extra Extra Large, Giant, Huge)



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