Wild Terra Online :: 野性大陆

Wild Terra Online

开发: Juvty Worlds Ltd.



《Wild Terra Online》是一款以中世纪为背景的大型多人线上角色扮演游戏。

  • 庞大而又开放的写实中世纪欧洲世界。
  • 整个世界都是由玩家构建和改变的。游戏中并没有预设的建筑、NPC以及任务,而玩家可以修路、伐木乃至建造新的城镇……整个服务器的世界全凭玩家的意志来塑造!
  • 只要满足条件,随时随地想造就造。是为了露宿一晚搭建临时的营帐,还是为了长足的发展建造一整座城堡,都由你自己决定!
  • 包含各个领域的深度制作系统:农业、畜牧业、烹饪、外观以及锻造等。有大量的可收集资源及可习得配方。
  • 考验玩家策略与技巧的PVP系统。巧妙利用地形以及装备的优势是赢得战斗的关键,高等级并不能保证取胜。
  • 游戏中有死亡后就掉落所有物品、建筑会损毁以及可以PVP的服务器,也有那些偏向探索与发展,不包含PVP内容的服务器。

About This Game

Wild Terra Online is a massively multiplayer life simulator in a fully player-driven medieval world.
Here everyone will find an occupation that appeals to one’s soul: world exploration, hunting, crafting, home decorating, fights and castle sieges.
Start as a survivor - become a medieval king!

Core features:
  • Huge open world based on a realistic medieval Europe.
  • Explore a world that is completely created and driven by players. There are no pre-built castles, NPCs, or quests in the game. Only players themselves are able to build roads, cut down forests, found new towns … shape the server as they want!
  • Open world with the possibility to build wherever you want. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a campfire for one night or eventually an entire castle!
  • Deep crafting system with different professions to indulge in: agriculture, animal husbandry, cooking, smithing, and more. There are lots of resources to gather and recipes to learn.
  • Success in PvP depends on tactics and a player’s skill. Having a high level and upgraded equipment does not always guarantee a win. Wise usage of advantages such terrain and choice of one’s equipment are also keys to winning fights.
  • Servers for those interested in hardcore survival with full loot drop on death, destructible buildings, and PvP. There are also quiet servers for those who prefer a calm atmosphere and a non-PvP experience.


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