CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra :: CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra

CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra
CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultra

开发: CyberLink



360º 全景影片剪辑

360º影片项目 - 现已完整支持360º影片剪辑项目。汇入等距长方投影格式影片,活用一系列设计工具进行剪辑,并输出为360º影像格式。
360º创意设计师 - 崭新360º影音剪辑,开拓无穷影音视野!为360º影片增加文字、动画或转场特效,创意无限衍伸、想象力无远弗届!
True360 视角设计师 - 威力导演15独创「视角设计师」,你能将360º视频转换为2D传统影片。如同多机摄影般,选择你的视角,创作你的故事。


1. 开启威力导演,点选「快速项目模板」,汇入视讯素材。
2. 拖放喜爱的片段至专案片头、中间和片尾。
3. 输出影片,并实时上传至社群媒体,与亲友分享。





极速TrueVelocity 6编码引擎

最新、最速64位编码引擎,优化计算机硬件资源,提供飞快处理效能。威力导演持续提供最全方位格式支持,如4K超高画质、AVCHD 3D/Progressive、XAVC-S及H.265。




屏蔽设计师 - 屏蔽工具再强化!将影片迭在图片或文字中,特效表现更具层次。

About This Software

PowerDirector offers a unique combination of high-end performance and advanced editing features. It's remarkably easy to use, making video editing accessible to creators of all skill levels, and a huge selection of customizable design tools, including unique alpha transitions, animated titles, particles and PiP objects, provide the freedom to explore creativity and reflect it in unique video creations.

Now with 360° Video

PowerDirector now supports complete end-to-end 360-degree video editing, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Import equirectangular footage, create a 360° project, edit with a full range of design tools, then export in 360° format. Add titles and effects for viewers to discover as they explore your creation. Experiment with transitions, animated objects and more! The unique View Designer enables you to use 360° video footage in standard video projects: it's like you've filmed a scene with multiple cameras from multiple angles.

Pro-style Movies in Minutes with Express Projects

Express Projects is the fast, easy way to quickly create professional-quality videos in three simple steps: open Express Projects from the PowerDirector launcher and import you videos; drag’n’drop the clips you want into the beginning, middle and end segments of the project; then produce your video and share it instantly with friends and family on social media. Easy as Pie!

Vertical Video like a Pro!

With so much video now being shot vertically on mobiles, PowerDirector has added a new design mode that lets you upload mobile video for YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo by getting rid of those empty black bars! And now, Orientation Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT) makes video production faster by analyzing your project and rendering only segments of footage that have been modified regardless of the clips' orientation.

Action Camera Center, now even Better!

PowerDirector's new Action Camera Center is a toolkit for every extreme video maker. Create stop-motion videos, add zoom and pan effects, stabilize video, correct distortions like fisheye, correct color problems and apply slow motion, freeze frame, zoom, or even “rock’n’roll” your videos! The results will be breathtaking, full of action and adrenaline.

Video Blending

Merge clips on different timeline tracks to create a huge array of eye-catching effects that will bring unique impact to your videos. Working like a pro has never been easier, more intuitive!

Industry-leading Rendering Speed and Format Support

The new TrueVelocity 6 rendering engine is a 64-bit powerhouse offering smoother previewing and significantly faster production than other consumer video editing software. And PowerDirector allows you to enjoy the latest and greatest formats and codecs like 4K UltraHD, AVCHD 3D/Progressive, XAVC-S and H.265.

High Frame-Rate Video Editor

Import 120/240fps slow motion footage from your iPhone, GoPro or other action sports cameras, or download videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo with Social Media Download. Add titles or effects, and use the new Action Camera Center to edit your video. Playback it inside PowerDirector, so that you can preview it stutter-free before you produce, then export your high frame rate video fast with hardware accelerated rendering!

Unique and Customizable Design Tools

Explore your creativity with a powerful collection of uniquely customizable design tools and the flexibility to highlight the very best of your work. Create masks from multiple Titles and Images, and arrange each object independently. Track people and objects in your footage, easily and conveniently. Customize a title’s motion, font size, gradient color, border, blur level, transparency and reflection. Create Themes, Transitions, Menus, PiPs, or work with the Multicam Designer, for pro results.



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