Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! :: 额滴土豆!我们上天了?!

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!

开发: Daylight Studios



Holy Potatoes!We're in Space?! 是一款融合管理元素和回合制战斗的太空冒险游戏。管理你自己的飞船,探索按顺序生成的宇宙,并在宇宙里的几十个星球上开采资源,在星际空间战斗中迎战敌人。 邂逅各种太空种族,如宇宙胡萝卜、小丑西葫芦、讨厌的洋葱,甚至还有太空鲸鱼!参与史诗级头目战斗,拯救被邪恶联盟“月食”囚禁的祖父阿吉。

  • 为飞船制造几百种武器
  • 雇用工程师做你的船员并操纵飞船
  • 探索几十个星球和星系,或者,何不干脆探索整个宇宙!
  • 收集资源以升级飞船和制造武器!
  • 与邪恶的银河花椰菜和外星胡萝卜飞船等许多敌人作战!
  • 参与史诗级头目战斗!

About This Game

Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! is a space adventure game with management elements and turn-based combat. Manage your very own spaceship and explore a procedurally generated universe with dozens of planets to explore for resources, and enemies you can encounter for intergalactic space battles.

Encounter a cornucopia of space races, such as cosmic carrots, zany zucchinis, obnoxious onions, and even space whales! Take part in epic boss battles and save your grandfather, Jiji, who was incarcerated by the evil federation, The Eclipse.

Main Features:
  • Craft hundreds of weapons for your spaceship
  • Hire engineers to become part of your crew and man your ship
  • Explore dozens of planets and galaxies, or why not explore the whole universe!
  • Gather resources to upgrade your spaceship and craft weapons!
  • Combat evil galactic broccoli and extraterrestrial carrot spaceships, and many others!
  • Encounter epic boss battles!


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