Rescue Bear Operation :: Rescue Bear Operation

Rescue Bear Operation
Rescue Bear Operation

开发: Cascade Game Foundry



Rescue Bear Operation is: a one-level, all ages, child friendly, mini video game designed to create awareness about wildfires. We'll be donating at least 30% of our net proceeds to charitable causes.

This game is intentionally kept simple and accessible. There are two objectives. One: save as many friendly critters as you can! Two: save as many trees by putting out the wild fires! By doing this you will accumulate acorns that can be used as in-game currency to purchase unique cosmetic items in the game. (E.g. hats, shirts, etc) Or; if you want to help good causes in giving back to real world charities and organizations for the victims of wildfires; we also offer unique downloadable content (DLC) that can be purchased with real world currency as well. The option is yours!

Most of all, please have fun playing the game!

Thank you!


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