VR Amazing Files: Horror Hospital :: 惊奇档案:恐怖医院

VR Amazing Files: Horror Hospital

开发: Joygo.Stuido





  • 没有文字相关谜题,所以任何国家,年龄的玩家都可以顺利进行游戏。

  • 搞清楚怎么开枪之前不要开始冒险,僵尸不会给你时间研究如何开保险。
  • 大部分僵尸你是搞不死他们的,因为你根本没有足够的子弹。这时候你需要想想别的办法。
  • 不要独立一人在深夜展开行动。
  • 不要试图把头伸到游戏中的墙里,撞到虚拟墙或者真墙都不是一个好的体验。
  • 留意场景中的细节,许多线索就在其中。
  • 如果困在场景中无法逃出,来论坛看看,也许看到其他人也逃不出去你就不会那么沮丧了。
  • 游戏中可能存在缺陷,我们的测试人员全程闭着眼睛测试的游戏,因为他太害怕了。所以,欢迎所有玩家来信告诉我们游戏中的存在的任何问题。

About This Game

The scary and abandoned hospital is filled with zombies, want to solve the extremely challenging puzzle with low ammo? Just have a try!
All puzzles and weapon systems in this game are carefully designed for a fun experience. You have to save ammo and hope your hands won’t be nervously shaking to drop magazines to the ground.


  • There are no word puzzles, so all players can successfully play the game regardless of their age or nationality. No language barriers, great!

  • Have a clear understanding of the situation before shooting. Think twice before taking risks, because you can’t count on zombies to give you the time studying how to open the safety catch, right? Forget about killing most zombies, where can you get that much ammo? Just figure out another solution.
  • Don’t act alone in the midnight.
  • Don’t try to reach your head into the walls in the game, because it is painful to hit a virtual wall or real wall. We all know it.
  • Be mindful of all details, because you may find clues there.
  • If you are trapped in somewhere and unable to get out, please come to the forum, and after seeing many other people who also failed to escape, you can definitely feel better, because you are not the only one who may be eaten by the zombies, so stay cool.
  • There may be bugs in the game because our testing personnel has been testing the game with their eyes closed all the time out of fears. They’ll have to wet their pants if they opened eyes to play the game. Therefore, we welcome all players to provide feedback about any problems they met in our game.


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