Don't open the doors! :: 别开门

Don't open the doors!
别开门   推荐游戏


开发: Anton Riot



《别开门》(“Don't open the doors!”)是一款基于黏土动画的动作冒险游戏,它为大家展现了一个诡异的世界,那里充满会说话的南瓜,蓝色的树以及诸如此类的事物。


  • 开放的黏土世界:探索并迎接各种挑战吧;
  • 诡异,会说话的角色:经常会与蘑菇,虫子,南瓜等发生对话;
  • 可摧毁的环境:手握巨锤的你将不会感到无聊;
  • 陷阱,秘密,boss:门后的世界永远不会是冗长乏味的地方;
  • 没有爆米花枪弹药了?快去搜索玉米地吧。寻找治疗果酱?那就摘些浆果!
  • 一切都用黏土制成。超过8000张照片以及惊人的编辑时数。整部游戏完全手工制作!

中文本地化由 indienova 游戏古登堡计划提供。

About This Game

"Don't open the doors!" is a claymation action adventure in an odd world of talking pumpkins, blue trees and stuff like that.

The city is in danger! The doors came out of nowhere. Everything near them began to talk and almost everything tried to eat you. Solving this problem is no sweat: you only have to find the Main super door and blast it with a super megabomb. As a real hero, you'll have to handle it yourself. However, everything is sure to go haywire!

Game features:
  • An open clayworld: explore it and face different challenges;
  • Odd, talking characters: conversations with mushrooms, bugs, pumpkins etc. will be your common practice;
  • A destructible environment: with a huge hammer in hand, you'll have no chance to be bored;
  • Traps, secrets, bosses. There are no tedious places behind the doors;
  • Out of pop corn gun ammo? Search for cornfields. Looking for a healing compote? Pick some berries!
  • Everything is made from plasticine. Over 8000 photos and an enormous number of editing hours. The game is entirely hand made!


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