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Fresh Body




Fresh body是一款高难度的rogurelike动作游戏,拥有诡异的故事线,古怪的肢体系统。你要在游戏中击败怪物,获得他们身体的一部分,然后用它们的脑袋,大腿等等,把自己的换掉,获得怪物的技能,去打败更强大的怪物。


  • 上百种敌人的肢体可以收集,不同的组合能达到不同的效果
  • 怪物的肢体可以强化基因,拥有不同的技能
  • 强化怪物的肢体让自己更厉害
  • 半人半鬼的妹子指引着玩家解开重重谜团
  • 在遍布丧尸的小岛上生存下来

About This Game

Fresh Body is a hardcore rogue-like action game. Discover a dark world with monsters and nightmares walking around you. Kill them to collect body parts like legs, chest or head and combine them to win skills and abilities. Transform yourself in a monster to progress and defeat more powerful monsters.
Build the character you want and adapt your play style modifying your body to the ennemies you encounter.

RPG elements:

  • Collect 50+ of monster parts - Create a unique character with heads, arms and legs from monsters. We know it's degusting but it's for your own good.
  • Combine and mix that parts together to be able to use unique abilities.
  • Gene enhancement - Use the gene from monsters to permanently enhance your body.
  • 30+ Skills: from super speed to lazers or super punches.
  • 20+ Abilities: better damage, more resistant, regeneration or even revive.
  • 10+ different objects which that you can buy/sell/drop from carots to potions and magic artefacts. Inventory + shortcut systems.
  • Find allies, merchants and very ugly bosses.
  • Dark & strange story

Rogue-like elements:

  • Randomly generated levels - There is nothing constant except change.
  • Hardcore - If you die, you lost your progression but there is exception.
  • Choices are important - take care of the ressources your collect, they may save you.

More features:

  • Hardcore
  • Cooking - The monsters' meat is delicious. Every part of the monsters can be useful.
  • Pet - Craft your per with the remaining useless material of monster body.
  • Blood - A lot of blood
  • +12 - Little children may not play or watch Fresh Body


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