Final Goalie: Football simulator :: 最后的守门员:足球模拟

Final Goalie: Football simulator

开发: Ivanovich Games



Final Goalie是专为 HTC-VIVE 设计的守门员模拟游戏,提供3种不同的美妙的游戏模式体验。

1- 模拟模式 针对足球爱好者所设计

100% 模拟真实专业足球员的逼真图像和动画。 你可以选择快速比赛或超越150个等级后与世界上最强的几支球队较劲。

2- 街机模式 非常的疯狂有趣!

你可以接住球并将其丢出来启动不同的加强力效果:慢动作、大手套等。 跟模拟模式一样,你可以选择快速比赛或超越150个不同等级。

3- Multiplayer HTC-VIVE VS mobile

线上模式 用线上模式与你的朋友们较劲,可以从智慧型手机中至Final Kick游戏踢罚球 (超过2000万个玩家的免费程式) 绝对有 趣,你的朋友们将从他们的手机中实时同步看到你的动作!

- 由于巧妙移动支援系统,Final Goalie可在一个2米宽的房间内玩,不过我们还是建议您在3米宽的房间玩比较适当。
- 在享受Final Goalie身历其境的体验的同时,也请注意真实世界中的限制以避免意外发生。

About This Game

Final Goalie is the Goalkeeper Simulator Game specially designed for HTC-VIVE, offering an Amazing Experience in 3 different game modes.

1- Simulator Mode

For lovers of pure football !
100% realistic graphics and animations made by capturing the movements of professional players.
You can choose between playing a quick game or try and defeat 150 levels where you face the best teams in the world!

2- Arcade Mode

A super fun madness!!!
You can catch and throw balls to activate the most diverse and spectacular power-ups such as slow-motion, giant gloves, etc.
As with the Simulator Mode, you can choose between playing quick game or make your way through 150 varied levels.

3- Multiplayer HTC-VIVE VS mobile

Compete against your friends in the novel and fun Online Mode where you can make penalty shots from your smartphone with the Final Kick game (free app with over 20 million players)
Hilarious interaction where your friends will see you moving in real time from their smartphones!

NOTE: Final Goalie can be played in a room just 2 metres wide thanks to the ingenious movement assistance system, although we recommend a room measuring 3 metres to ensure you can play more comfortably.
Pay attention to the limits of the real world while you enjoy immersive experiences like Final Goalie to ensure you play without risks.


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