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开发: Nuclear


Handy Dice allows you to roll many kinds of dice. Its main features are:
-The coin, and each die available in the program (D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12, D20) has its own 3D model. Handy Dice is NOT just a random number generator!
-Every time a die is rolled, its initial position and orientation are different, as also are the strength and spin applied to it.
-Any of the dice already on the table can be re-rolled.
-The dice realistically move and collide with the table and one another.
-The program can add up all the dice on table, or sort them according to their value.
-It is possible to roll the dice in two different ways:
  • One die at the time.
  • All at the same time, after selecting the desired amount of each kind of die: 3D6, 1D10+1D4...
-Dice combinations can be stored, and later loaded by just pressing a button (macros).
-Use custom textures on your dice and make them suitable for any game.
-Steam version of Handy Dice features Workshop capabilities, so you can upload and share your own custom dice or download the creations of other users!



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