Pastry Lovers :: 甜点恋人

Pastry Lovers

开发: 橙光游戏



1. 五位可攻略男主,精彩的恋爱剧情。
2. 内涵大量甜品制作方法,吃货福利。
3. 玩法丰富:有配方解锁、宠物养成、宝物收集、店铺经营等。
3. 画风清新,音乐优美,语言流畅。
4. 四条支线,十几种结局,体验不同的人生。

About This Game

Pastry Lovers is a Visual Novel set in the fantastic world of Carseland Kingdom. Play as a young girl Sakura aspiring to be a famous pastry chef. Pass the entry exam and join the prestigious St. Patras College to learn from the professionals and develop your skills. Train, bake and study diligently to achieve your biggest dream!

Along your journey you'll make new friends and meet unique classmates - like prince William or a feisty boy Hannan Ye. Befriend fellow college students, find allies and work together to achieve your goal! Attend lectures and develop your skills by learning about the history of pastries or the elegant traditional ritual of making tea.

Play Pastry Lovers and visit the Carseland Kingdom and its inhabitants on a journey to become the famous pastry chef and to find a true love.

  • Discover different storylines with over 10 endings.
  • Meet Sakura's admirers with their unique stories.
  • Join the famous pastry academy and unlock recipes for the most delicious desserts in the Kingdom.
  • Help Sakura solve the mystery of her origins.
  • Develop your character's statistics - such as intelligence and taste - to pass every exam in the St. Patras College.
  • Befriend townspeople, build your relationship with them and receive special gifts.


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