LEAVES - The Return :: 叶子 - 回归

LEAVES - The Return
叶子 - 回归

开发: ZAR 21



"LEAVES - The Journey" 是一款艺术性探索和谜题历险游戏,游戏中有各种真实的雕刻作品和超现实的梦幻场景。而这款 "LEAVES - The Journey" 的续作是独立的增补游戏,你无需了解第一部分的背景即可游玩。




  • 充满艺术性的谜题设计,秉承了 Samorost、 Machinarium 以及 Rhem 等游戏的传统
  • 充满挑战的谜题和独特的小游戏
  • 探索四个巨大的世界
  • 大气磅礴的背景音乐,由屡获大奖的作曲家 Gary Marlowe 和 Daniel Hoffknecht 制作

About This Game

"LEAVES - The Return" is an artistic exploration and puzzle-adventure filled with real sculptures in a surreal dreamscape. This sequel to "LEAVES - The Journey" is a stand-alone addition and playable without any knowledge of the first part.

Collect and combine, solve a plethora of puzzles and mini games that will challenge your wit and skill.

The Stony Mountains are as welcoming as ever, if the Treefruities were not in trouble. Holding on to the leaves of their home tree once again proves to be more difficult than you would think when their home tree is rocked by a giant fit of sneezing and scatters the leaves all across the lands of Mononino.

Help the Treefruities to get their lost leaves back and look forward to this amazing journey. Explore the fantastic new landscapes added to Mononino where strange creatures and secrets are still waiting to be discovered.

  • Artistic puzzle design in the tradition of games like Samorost, Machinarium und Rhem
  • Challenging puzzles and unique mini games
  • Explore four new vast worlds
  • Atmospheric soundtrack by award winning composer Gary Marlowe and Daniel Hoffknecht


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