A God-Like Backhand! :: A God-Like Backhand!

A God-Like Backhand!
A God-Like Backhand!

开发: Q-Ball Games LLC



Sometimes you just need to chill... and smack tiny aliens. You are like a God in their world, a lazy, chill God. Of course it's always nicer to chill and smack aliens while you are "Seated" or even "Standing", and don't worry everything in this game comes to you. It's the Space Cowboy/Smack Tiny Alien game for, uh, lazy-Space-Cowboy-Tiny-Alien-smackers.

I am a solo developer out of Colorado and I haven't left my basement in a month. My wife keeps calling for me and I respond only with "Dang hon! I'm doing science!". I knew this meant I only had a few days before she found out that I was making a VR Game for the HTC Vive. Still, I held out as long as possible, polishing, testing and well yeah doing some science. And I'm happy to say it's here - all for you and your comfort.

Stop shooting zombies - hug one. Stop figuring out how to escape the room - chill in one. Start relaxing asap to your favorite tunes and to the sweet, sweet sound of a tiny alien smacking against the wall rock... or blowing up!

You didn't hear that last part. I didn't say anything!




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