Arcane Maelstrom :: Arcane Maelstrom

Arcane Maelstrom
Arcane Maelstrom

开发: Carlos Vilas Arias , Adrián Molina Borrego



The arcane horde is back again and this time it has invaded the kingdom of the dwarves. As the Master of the Elements you are the only one who can fight this ancient evil and free the world from the legions of darkness in this incredible action RPG:

- Play through 40 exciting levels throughout the kingdom of the dwarves with amazing 3D graphics

- Live a unique first person adventure with elements of role playing, action and fantasy

- Built-in level editor to create your own adventures!

- 23 challenging in-game achievements to unlock

- Find the five Grimoires of the Elements to cast dozens of different spells

- Go through dungeons, castles, caves, cemeteries, mysterious forests and a lot more locations

- Summon up to 5 gigantic creatures like ice and fire golems that will help you overcome evil

- Collaborate with the dwarven warriors in the fight against the forces of darkness.

- Be astounded with the advanced artificial intelligence of all the characters in the game, which makes them look almost alive ... amazing!

- Fight against skeletons, dark sorcerers, goblins, gigantic bugs, devilish gargoyles and a lot of evil creatureson RPG.



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