Deadly Hunter VR :: 致命猎手VR

Deadly Hunter VR

开发: Leiting Interactive



《Deadly Hunter》是一款基于VR设备的第一人称视角防守游戏。




  • 这是一场残酷的战斗,怪物不再是简单的冲击城门,作为兽人的生死大敌,你将直面兽人的斧头和投矛。
  • 善用你的肢体进行躲闪,瞄准敌人的头部,打爆它!否则,下一个倒下的将是你。


  • 厌倦了1小时的游戏demo?我们提供了足够丰盛的大餐,超过20个场景各异的关卡等你挑战,超过4小时的美好游戏时光任你体验。
  • 厌倦了简单重复低智商的怪物?狂战士、暗矛射手、甲盾兽、烟幕领主、自爆瓢虫等10多种怪物会告诉你另外的答案。
  • 厌倦了原地打怪的单一模式?我们将陆续提供护送模式和多人模式。


  • 陷阱是猎人最好的伙伴!
  • 兽夹、毒液沼泽、箭塔,近十种独特的陷阱等你开启。
  • 陷阱与怪物的克制关系,等待你去一一发掘。
  • 陷阱不够强力?升级它吧,超过100种升级组合满足你的战斗欲望。


  • 普通的怪物打着不过瘾?普通的关卡不够刺激?那就试试精英挑战关卡和无限关卡吧!让暴戾的怪物向你跪倒诚服,让他们成为你的陈列柜的战利品!
  • 想知道自己到底有多强?关卡通关以后参与全球排行,尽情挑战自己的传奇记录吧。

About This Game

Deadly Hunter is a first person VR defense game.

The Orcs invaded our homeland but we defeated them. However, there are still small bands of Orcs lingering by a number of strongholds. As a renown hunter, you are tasked with the elimination of the remnant Orc troops and the liberation of all strongholds...

Amazing Immersive Experience

  • The battles are brutal. Monsters are more than a bunch of gate dashers. As an arch-enemy of the Orcs, you are to face their axes and spears.
  • Use your body to dodge about and blow the enemy’s head off or you would be the next one to fall.

Rich Game Content

  • Tired of one-hour short game demo? We are here hosting a feast with over 20 scenes and various challenges. An over four-hour worth of great gaming experience is waiting for you.
  • Bored of endless simple-minded monsters? You will find over 10 kinds of monsters including Berserker, DarkSpear, Shieldon, SmokeLord, and Ladybug in the game.
  • Losing interests in fighting monsters? The Escort Mode and Multiplayer Mode are coming soon.

Powerful Trap System

  • Traps are hunters’ best buddies!
  • You can unlock 10 unique traps including the steel trap, the venom swamp, and the archer tower.
  • Learn orcs specific weaknesses to use the best suited traps.
  • The traps are not powerful enough for you? Upgrade them! Satisfy your desire for war with over 100 upgrading combinations.

Extreme Challenge

  • Common monsters and regular levels no longer excite you? Try Elite Challenges and Endless Challenges! Conquer the most ferocious monsters and add them to your collection of loots!
  • Wondering how strong you are? Enter the global rankings after clearing a stage and start your own legend.


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