Molemen Must Die! :: 摩门必须死

Molemen Must Die!

开发: Mokomoto



Molemen Must Die is a game of huge bombs and revenge gone wrong, fighting for the honor of your temper-tantrum President. Deliver a bomb to the center of the Earth in this action arcade epic, inspired by your favorite B-grade action flicks. Get ready to fail in the name of Presidential pride in Molemen Must Die, releasing on PC and Mac!

Players are on an endless platforming mission of tactical falling action to the center of the Earth. Escorting an almost illegally huge bomb on its mission to destroy the underworld, get ready for ridiculous deaths at high speed. Equip dozens of unique weapons and bizarre powers as you battle off the Molemen and their allies, evading and attacking as they try to latch on and destroy the bomb.

  • Tactical Falling Action: Forget precise platforming as you hurl yourself down an endless shaft dodging swathes of enemies.
  • Endless Arcade Gameplay: This is a mission you will never win, but you’ll look good doing it, like a fancy sports car smeared with caviar.
  • Crowd Control: With an almost pointless-to-name number of enemies coming at you, defeating them is great, but keeping them under control is the key to survival.
  • Every time you die, be rewarded: Game-changing powers are given to you with every death, the combination of which could either greatly help or hinder your success!
  • A Weapon for Every Situation: From expanding laser guns to the bizarre decommissioned nuclear shell launcher, work with unique weapons and find a new approach to every situation!
  • Razer Chroma Support: Feel better about buying a $200 light up keyboard by making it react to how you play!
  • High Def Audio: Forget the bleeps and bloops of yore, and tell history to go shove it with crisp sounds and thumping music as the soundtrack to your mission.
  • Explore the Whole Underworld: Travel through multiple biomes, from the City of the Molemen to the Underground Jungles of the Geckos. Passport not required, nor recognized.
  • Leaderboards: Know that your kamikaze mission went that much better than that other persons, and compete to pull off the best death-wish mission ever.
  • Full Controller Support: Never risk getting off the couch again, with full controller support, perfect for Steam Big Picture.

Mokomoto, a new Australian Indie developer, staffed by a mix of industry experienced game developers and just genuinely awesome people who we can’t not work with ‘cause we love them.


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