Freaky Awesome :: 突变大作战

Freaky Awesome

开发: Mandragora



当你得知自己心爱的狗狗被人藏在一座老工厂里时,过去就如同动作电影里的英雄一样一脚破门而入。你毫不犹豫地抓起钥匙,跳上一辆车,一路飞驰而去。没错,等待着你的是有毒的排放物、恶心的怪物、和致人死地的陷阱,而且你自己也很有可能突变成可怕的形体,求生不得,求死不能。但为了自己的朋友萨姆,你愿意付出一切代价,哪怕自己也要变成一只四脚怪兽!战斗、突变、死去、重生——这就是Freaky Awesome!

Freaky Awesome是一款刺激的rogue-lite动作游戏,游戏中你要从一个到处都是怪物和陷阱的老工厂里逃出生天。工厂和里面的房间会由系统随机生成;每个怪物都会在死后留下一滩诱变剂,诱变剂可以帮你恢复健康值,但也会让你毫无预兆地突变成别的形体,才不管你是不是正在战斗中!要想活下来,就必须掌握每种突变体的技能和特点。把自己的脑袋拧下来朝敌人招呼过去?有什么不可以!一边下蛋,一边让孵出来复制体为自己作战?没毛病!除了这些,你还可以在战斗中使用物品,解锁新技能,4人组队游戏!


  • 在快速rogue-lite中与各种奇奇怪怪的突变体作战
  • 不断突变,以求生存:诱变剂可以回复你的健康值,但也会让你变成各种有着不同技能和特点的突变体
  • 获得新突变体!战胜boss,把它们变成新的可用突变体!
  • 探索突变世界!就连游戏自己也会不断变异。地图随机生成,每次成功赛跑后,游戏中就会加入新的解锁地点、更多关卡、更强大的boss和新的操作机制。
  • 躲避陷阱……也可以把它们收为己用:炸弹、飞桶、圆锯、火焰,甚至是会飞的猪头对你和你的敌人来说都是致命武器!
  • 使用可以在战斗中助你一臂之力的道具!
  • 永久死亡模式的Rogue-lite :你不会死而复生,不过你可以保留住自己的财富,已解锁物品、技能和突变体不会因为角色死亡而消失。
  • 独自战斗或和朋友们组成4人战队,在多人游戏中的游戏进度也会保存下来!

About This Game

When you found out that your missing dog was being held at the old factory, your past as an action hero kicked in and you didn’t hesitate: you grabbed your keys, jumped in your car and drove all the way there. Yeah, there are toxic wastes, weird creepy monsters and deadly traps there, and it’s very likely that you will mutate into horrendous shapes and even die a lot, but you would do anything for your four-legged friend – even becoming a four-legged hairy beast yourself! Fight, mutate, die, repeat: this is Freaky Awesome!

Freaky Awesome is a hectic action rogue-lite where you have to fight your way out of an old factory, full of mutated monsters and traps; the general layout of the factory and its rooms are procedurally generated. Every enemy leaves behind a poodle of mutagen that can heal you, but also mutates you eventually – even if you are in the middle of a fight! In order to survive, you will need to adapt quickly to the powers and specific mechanics of every mutation. Tearing off your head to throw it at an enemy? Sure! Laying eggs and seeing tiny copies of you hatching and fighting for you? Why not! And on top of that, you can use objects in combat and develop your character to unlock new powerful skills, as well as play in co-op with up to 4 players!


  • Fight against weird mutants in this fast-paced rogue-lite
  • Mutate to survive: mutagens replenish your health but also changes you into wild forms – each with different mechanics and powers!
  • Gain new mutations! Slay bosses to unlock their forms as a newly available mutation
  • Explore a mutating world: the game itself mutates! The map is randomly generated, but the game itself changes every successful run with new unlocked locations and enemies, bigger levels, stronger bosses and new mechanics
  • Avoid traps… or use them to your advantage: explosives, flying barrels, moving saws, flames and even flying pig heads are as deadly to you as to your enemies!
  • Use items to help you in combat!
  • Rogue-lite with permadeath: death is permanent, but your advancements too. You can keep your unlocked items, skills and mutations
  • Play solo or with friends with an up to 4 players co-op. You can keep the progress earned while playing multi!


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