Crystal Vibes feat. Ott. :: 水晶共鸣

Crystal Vibes feat. Ott.

开发: Benjamin Outram
发行: Benjamin Outram



圣丹斯电影节新边界和万花筒展示会官方选择Vol。 2,现在免费!

体验糖果色的迷幻的声音,通过无尽的水晶宇宙涟漪。水晶振动是一种VR音乐联想演示,利用空间3D音频和声音可视化的前沿,基于人类感官的科学来映射声音和光,推动技术介导的虚拟现实感觉体验的前沿。该项目的前身被描述为“超越”和“喜欢穿过迷幻万花筒”(Forbes 2016),这件作品来自制作人Ott的音乐。

这个演示是为了进行多交叉感觉虚拟现实体验的可能性的研究而产生的,最初旨在与“联合套装”整合为全身振动触觉触觉体验。它与Rez Infinite一起呈现在圣丹斯电影节新边界2017。请参阅网站了解更多令人兴奋的细节,并赶上最新的研究。

About This Game

Official selection of Sundance Film Festival New Frontier and Kaleidoscope Showcase Vol. 2!

Experience candy-colored psychedelic sound rippling through a fractal crystal universe. Crystal Vibes is a VR music synesthesia demo that utilizes the cutting edge of spatial 3D audio and sound visualization that maps sound and light based on the science of the human senses, to push the frontiers of technology-mediated sensory experience in virtual reality. With the project's predecessor described as “transcendent” and “like traveling through a psychedelic kaleidoscope” (Forbes 2016), this piece ups the ante with music from producer Ott.

Crystal Vibes was produced out of research into the possibilities for multi-crossed-sensory virtual reality experience, including integration with the "Synesthesia Suit" for a whole-body vibrotactile haptic experience. It was presented along with Rez Infinite at Sundance Film Festival New Frontier 2017. See the website for more exciting details and to catch up on the latest research.


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