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开发: Cascade of Leaves



“Some would call this a dystopia. It is, after all, a time in history where your individual will cannot be respected as it once could. We are, after all, on the brink of becoming a dying breed. Or so they say, anyway.

I am being ripped out of my ordinary life, and I will be put into the system's hands. I understand why. I understand why it's necessary. On some level, I am even relieved by it. Social disinterest. Isolation. They have a plan for making this right, because so far it has all been so, so wrong. Every fiber of my body can attest to that.

I am soon getting on a bus together with the rest of the young, healthy people of my neighborhood. We are leaving for a settlement. It's a settlement where futures are made, supposedly. Where free wills are neglected, presumably. Where the human race will get another chance at surviving, hopefully."

―Quentin, protagonist of Anomie

Anomie is set in a fictional world that resembles our modern day. The protagonist, Quentin, finds himself experiencing a chain of events that leads him to what can only be described as a new life. A new place with new rules—a new life, a new future. Will the public authority's desperate efforts bear fruit?


  • Anomie is a kinetic visual novel (meaning a text-based game with no other gameplay than clicking to proceed the story)
  • Art assets with a resolution of at least 1920x1080
  • 7-10 hours of reading time
  • An adventure that will bring you answers to questions you never thought to ask



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