Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest :: 奥德修斯和他的机器人

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest

开发: Pavel Kostin



和他的机器人任务一款 传统的 2D 指向并点击式游戏,具有复兴像素式的图形。这是一款探险游戏,一款有心的游戏,主角是太空船工程师奥德修斯·科斯莫斯和他的机器人仆从巴顿·任务。



想像你是一名有才华又有趣的飞船工程师,与其他船员一同前往外太空深处的一个黑洞。你的船员同事们下到了一个星球表面上,在那儿时间的运转速度远远要慢得多,而你和 你的机器人等待他们回到你的轨道站上等了长达几年的时间。
这情况看上去有点暗无天日 - 但是永远不要丧失信心! 有一系列科学问题需要解决,有许多实验等着去进行,以及一艘只有你才能使其正常运转的巨大飞船 ,还有一个受黑洞控制、其中隐藏着无数秘密的星系,这些秘密最终将以怪异和出人意料的方式影响你的飞船。你的未来充满惊奇!


  • 这款游戏有灵魂:);
  • 酷炫的复古艺术;
  • 科幻故事和善意的幽默;
  • 面向盲人的特别游戏模式;
  • 如果以 40 美元一个的价格购买 2 个 DLC,则可进行角色自定义。

About This Game

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest it’s a traditional 2D point’n'click game with retro-pixel style graphics. It’s an adventure game, a game with heart, about space ship’s engineer Odysseus Kosmos and his service robot Barton Quest.

Download pilot demo episode for free (pilot episode is really shorter than any of the future five full episodes, yet it delivers a small independent story).


You are the ship engineer Odysseus Kosmos; you and your service robot Barton Quest are stuck in deep space near a black hole, all on yourselves. Your shipmates are down on the surface of a planet where time moves far, far slower and you, along with your robot, have been waiting for years for them to return to your orbital station. You were used to your comfortable boredom, but then the ship starts acting funny: it looks like this mysterious black hole affect your ship in strange and unexpected ways, cutting off your communications and threatening with de-orbiting the station and sending you stranded into deep space… unless you can do something to stop it!


  • Old-school 2D point-and-click adventure
  • Solve hardcore riddles and puzzles to save your ship
  • Explore outer space in a cool retro pixel-art style!
  • Immerse yourself in a sci-fi story whit a pinch of good-hearted humor
  • Live a 5-episodes adventure full of surprises – and enjoy the pilot episode for free!
  • Character customization if you buy 2 DLCs for $40 each naaah, just kidding!


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