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My Memory of Us

开发: Juggler Games



你喜欢故事吗?喜欢的话,就让我讲一个给你听。但这可不是一个老套的故事。它会有些不同,因为它关乎真人真事,关乎至今仍令人触目惊心的事件。让我们回到过去吧。一切都始于一个小男孩和一个小女孩的偶遇,他们来自不同的世界。彼此陪伴,度过了一段充满欢乐的时光。不幸的是,美好的事情总是稍纵即逝。战争爆发了 — 万恶之王在这座城市烧杀抢掠,他的机器人士兵无处不在。市民被分隔开来,他们中的一些人被标记,被迫离开自己的家,生活在与外界隔离的高墙内。幸运的是,这两个孩子并不孤独 — 他们彼此相依为命。友谊让他们不离不弃,尽管命运似乎试图将他们分开。这就是 My Memory of Us 背后的故事,这款游戏是为了献给那些分离之后又排除万难成功重逢人们。

My Memory of Us 中的故事是从两个彼此成就的朋友的视角讲述的。他们有着各自的超能力 — 她可以跑得飞快,他可以潜行 — 但只有他们联手出击时,才能战胜一切逆境。你只想和你的朋友愉快地玩耍。那就继续!牵着她的手,看看外面有怎样的冒险等着你们。只要在一起,这世上就没有什么能够阻止你。


  • 在危险时期关于友谊和爱的动人故事
  • 受素人艺术启发的素描式精美画风
  • 双控机制:用风格迥异的技能和超能力分别控制两个角色,或者以组合的形式控制他们
  • 一个混杂着苦乐参半的幽默的荒诞故事
  • 游戏中反映的事件皆源自战争中的真实故事
  • 围绕象征性绘画语言建立的对话系统
  • 各种各样的 2.5D 逻辑谜题
  • 一个以历史现实为背景,意义深刻的故事

About This Game

Do you like stories? If so, then I’ll tell you one. But it won’t be just any old story. It’s going to be different, because it’s about real people, about events that are touching and horrifying even now. Let’s go back in time. It all began with a meeting between a boy and a girl who came from two different worlds. For a short time they had good laughs together, taking joy simply from each other’s company. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. War broke out – the Evil King plundered the city and his robot-soldiers appeared everywhere. Citizens were separated and some of them were marked and forced to move out of their homes and live in a place that was sealed off from the rest of the city by a huge wall. Fortunately the children were not alone – they had each other. Their friendship allowed them to stay together, even though fate seemed to try to tear them apart. That’s the story behind My Memory of Us, a game dedicated to those that were separated, but managed to find the strength to meet each other again.

What makes My Memory of Us stand out is that the story is told from the perspective of two friends who complete each other. Each of them has their own abilities – she can run fast, he can sneak – but only when they work together as a team can they overcome all adversities. You just want to have fun with your friend. Go on then! Grab her hand and find out what adventures are waiting for you outside. Together, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you.

  • A moving story about friendship and love in dangerous times
  • Beautiful, sketch-like graphics inspired by naïve art
  • Pair mechanics: take control of two characters with different skills and abilities, or control them as a pair
  • A grotesque tale mixed with bittersweet humor
  • The events shown in the game are based on actual stories from war
  • A dialogue system built around the language of symbolic pictures
  • Various logical puzzles in 2.5D
  • A story that offers deeper meaning, set in historical realities


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