LSDriver 2 :: LSDriver 2

LSDriver 2
LSDriver 2

开发: Manic Mind Game Lab


Now it's his turn, the world's most hallucinating duck : Punk Duck !!! And you can enjoy this trip with your friend Psicodelic Bunny.
Now you can increase or decrease your wheels to have more variables to play with physics.
A game with real physics, many adventures, subliminal messages, and hypnotic images that makes it the great challenge to try to play, always a new trip, a new way to experience new sensations !!!!

  • Many Adventures and many Levels.
  • Real Physics.
  • Subliminal messages
  • Hypnotic images, which cause feelings in real life.
  • An epic adventure of great humor.
  • The rabbit and duck loses body parts.
  • Incredibly creative physical levels.
  • The coolest way to party with friends.
  • Nothing happens the same.
  • With Local Multiplayer for more Fun !!!
  • Increase or decrease your wheels.
  • Big tribute to the greatest rock n roll bands of all time.
  • Special launch of International Rock Day.

WARNING : Be careful this game can get you high or drunk !!!


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