The Warhorn :: 战争号角

The Warhorn

开发: Pigeons Interactive
发行: Pigeons Interactive



在the Warhorn里你将扮演一位冒险者,他为了踏上自己梦寐以求的冒险生涯断然离开了悠闲安逸的故乡。你会来到一座岛上,那里有着关于战争号角的传说,得到它的人将会永垂不朽。你作为伐木工家的独生子有着基本的生存技能,但要在这世界上闯荡生活还远远不够。因此在一开始你的好学心和乐观开朗是你唯一的生存手段。你需要探索各种漆黑危险的地方,那会帮助你找到答案。

  • 探索由6种不同主题生态区所构成的开放世界:春、秋、雪地、沙漠、热带草原和丛林。每个生态区里还有非常独特的次生态区,你可以在那里找到需要的花草来制造药水。
  • 解决多种多样棘手的谜题。你可以试着一个人解决但有时也需要叫上一个或两个朋友来帮助你。
  • 与危险的生物战斗。在不同的生态区你将面临各种不同的生物,它们遍及世界各地。有些或许是中立无害的,但其他的则十分致命。为了获得所需的资源或是仅仅只是要到达你的目的地,你都不得不要面对它们。大多数情况下那些有价值的地方都会有强壮的怪物看守着。
  • 学习新的技能。你会遇到各式各样的人,他们会教你你所需要的一切。有时你需要帮他们一个小忙,其他时候则需要为知识买单。为了生存你必须要学会怎样使剑,如果你并不喜欢近战武器,而是魔咒的话。你可以在魔法城堡里学会 - 火球术、冰枪术、闪光术、隐身,这些都是游戏里非常实用的魔咒,但只是咒术里的一小部分。
  • 学习如何建造和创建属于你的村子。邀请你的朋友和你一起发展。制造战争机器与其他玩家战斗。在游戏中你可以建造2种类型的建筑:
    - 标准建筑,使用预设素材像是地基,墙,门,楼梯等等来搭建。你可以用这个方式搭建你的家,把你拥有的最珍稀的物品藏在里面。
    - 功能建筑像是铁匠铺、伐木场或是制造铺。这些可以帮助你制造所需的武器、护甲、药水和所有生存和扩张所必要的各种工具。
  • 招募NPC助你发展和保护你的村镇。你可以雇佣:招募NPC助你发展和保护你的村镇。你可以雇佣:
    - 村民可以采集资源并带回村镇
    - 战士会在你与其他生物或玩家战斗时一起战斗。他也会在当村民采集资源暴露在其他玩家视野中时保护他们。

About This Game

Weary of the life as a lumberjack, you decide to leave the safe walls of your homeland in order to travel far away and begin the life of an adventurer. Months later, just as you start to doubt your decision, you arrive on an archipelago where you hear about something called “The Warhorn”: A relic capable of granting immortality!
You decide to settle on one of the islands – where your story shall begin.
The Warhorn is a take on the unique mixture of genres, the most important ones being RPG and city-building/management while other distinctive elements in the game come from the exploration, puzzle and open world genres.

  • Explore a vast open world: Including 5 themed biomes like spring / summer, autumn, winter, desert and jungle having their own unique sub-biomes with their own unique resources and denizens.
  • Solve challenging puzzles: While most of them can be done alone, some might need a helping hand – or two.
  • Face various foes: Every biome comes with its own set of animals, beasts and other denizens. Some of them may be neutral, but others could be deadly.
  • Learn new skills: Wield a sword, swing a hammer or laugh at brute force and master the elements like fire, ice and light. Villagers can teach you many things, but in order for them to share their knowledge, you might have to earn their trust first… or a sizeable amount of riches.
  • Build your empire: Learn how to build with different materials and create a village to your liking. Villagers will gather resources for you while your villages’ soldiers are protecting your empire.
  • Be ready for war: Build powerful war machines to either defend your village or attack another in a fight for resources, relics and secrets of this world.
  • Multiplayer: Everything in the game can be done together. Build the most incredible empire with your friends, trade with other empires or fight against them.


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