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  • 随机生成的迷宫地形 - 在地下建筑复合体“约柜”中运用环境来对抗不停变化的场景与敌人。
  • 解锁强大的武器与道具 - 在一次次因死亡而返回据点的过程中,用从地牢中带出的通货与性格各异的商人们交换各种功能强大的武器与道具,提升你的战力与手段。
  • 富有挑战的硬核难度 - 上手初期,你可能会死很多次或者是很多很多次……给自己和一点时间和耐心,一切都会好起来的。
  • 流畅的操作手感 - 熟悉了游戏之后,流畅的动作与出色的射击手感将与“强敌击破”的成就感一同带来酣畅的游戏体验,当然,更多的意外也会随之而至。
  • 后启示录背景下的诡异故事 - 在的世界中不断获取片段式的信息,这些隐藏在道具说明、场景以及NPC们的闲言碎语中的拼图碎片最终将共同构成一个关于世界毁灭、社会、文化与宗教的庞大故事。

LizardKing 成立于2015,目前由7名硬核玩家组成,工作室位于一座中国沿江小城,主张在体验完整的基础上探索游戏的各种可能性,服务有游玩经验的用户。

About This Game

Enlightenment is an action-shooter Roguelike game with a unlinear narrative. Players will venture into a Wasteland-inspired dungeon known as the Ark and experience a risky journey plagued by crisis.

The original inhabitants of this dim underground complex and those who have dared to enter it have either died or have lost their mind. Will you be the exception to the rule?

"...the asteroid hit the Earth in the end anyways, and fxxked everybody up."

"So let's cut this short: An asteroid wiped out civilization as we know it. Some wasteland tramp discovered that the asteroid shards grant possessors unexplained powers; so they founded this cult, calling it the 'Scientific Church of Enlightenment' and this 'Church of Enlightenment' built the Ark and they built a whole city around it. It's gonna be where the restoration of humanity starts, they said. But just look around you; these streets are all empty, not a soul to be seen at all now."

"Sounds worthy of your life to have a look... right?"

  • Procedurally-generated Dungeons - In the underground complex of The Ark, use the environment to your advantage as you fight against enemies in challenging scenarios that change every time you enter the game.
  • Unlockable Weapons and Items - As you return to the starting camp after death, talk to the different merchant to purchase potent unlockables like new guns and other consumables to help you on your next journey.
  • Difficulty and Hardcore Play - In the beginning you may die a lot, maybe even "a lot" a lot. Just give Enlightenment and yourself a bit more time and patience and everything's going to be alright.
  • Smooth, Fast-paced Fighting Experience - As you get through the game, the fluidly-animated action and sense of accomplishment from overcoming what's thrown to you will provide a rewarding experience. Stay wary though, as there are a lot surprises!
  • Weird, Post-Apocalyptic Story - In Enlightenment, you will obtain scattered information about the world constantly. These jigsaw pieces are hidden in item descriptions, the environment, and through NPC interactions which eventually form a "Big Picture" look about the end of the world and the society, culture, and religion that it left behind.

LizardKing is founded in 2015, we are 7 seasoned fervent gamers and work in a small city alongside Yangtze River, on top of the pursuit of perfection, we are also into both exploring the possibility of game-making.


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