Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation :: 烛堡故事

Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation

开发: BKOM Studios



来自Candlekeep的故事:湮灭之墓,一个基于Dungeons&Dragons Adventure系统棋盘游戏的回合式地牢爬行游戏。

- 设置 - [/ h2] [/b]
在Chult致命的半岛上,一个冒险的聚会必须通过危险的丛林,迷宫和地下城来争取他们的途径,找到并扭转死亡诅咒的原因。选择作为四个冒险者(Artus Cimber,Asharra,Birdsong和Dragonbait)中的一个或多个,在整个任务中面对许多危险的挑战和致命的敌人。

- 特色 -

  • 独特任务:程序地图生成允许每个任务保持唯一,即使重复播放多次。
  • 超过30个任务:游戏具有主要故事任务和Side任务的混合。
  • 一个棋盘游戏体验带来了生命:[/ b]游戏突出了热门游戏中的大部分功能,结合数字版本独特的功能。
  • 制作胜利的方式:[/ b]收集罕见的工艺材料。工艺强大的武器和盔甲,以加强你的英雄。[/list]

    - DETAILS -

  • 结束Acererak的恐怖统治,并为Chult地区带来和平。
  • 通过危险的地下城和丛林探索和打击你的方式。
  • 面对怪物和可恶的恶棍。
  • 工艺强大的武器,盔甲和配件。
  • 找到充满珍宝和材料的胸部。[/列表]

About This Game

Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation, a turn-based dungeon-crawling game based on the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System board games.


On the deadly peninsula of Chult, an adventuring party must fight their way through dangerous jungles, labyrinths and dungeons to find and reverse the cause of the death curse. Choose to play as one or more of the four adventurers (Artus Cimber, Asharra, Birdsong, and Dragonbait) to face many perilous challenges and deadly foes throughout the quest.

A former member of the Harpers, Artus Cimber is the keeper of the Ring of Winter. He found the ring in the jungles of Chult, where he also met his wife, Alisanda. His skill with a bow and arrow, as well as with a dagger is unequaled, making him a fearsome ranger. It goes without saying that the Ring of Winter has given Artus powers so strong he can freeze an enemy to death with the touch of a finger.

In Kir Sabal, Asharra is the leader of the Aarakocra community. Others refer to her as Teacher, and revere her as a living saint. Asharra is intelligent, ambitious, and somewhat manipulative, but never cruel or insensitive. Besides her leadership duties, Asharra is a powerful mage capable of handling even the most complex of spells.

Birdsong, a cunning young Tabaxi bard, learned to defend herself while enslaved by the Yuan-Ti. Proficient to play the lute, Birdsong discovered her potential as a bard when witnessing the effect her songs had on other slaves. After her escape, she became one of the greatest minstrels of Chult. She promised herself to, one day, get revenge on the Yuan-Ti who destroyed her village.

Dragonbait is a champion of good and a saurial - a race that originated on a distant world and whose members have long lives. Calm by nature, Dragonbait does not give the image of a dangerous foe, but once in combat, his training and precision makes him a devastating adversary.


  • Unique Quests: The procedural map generation allows every quest to remain unique even when replaying them multiple times.
  • Over 30 Quests: The game features a mix of Main Story quests and Side quests.
  • A board game experience brought to life: The game highlights most of the features from the popular board game, combined with features unique to the digital version.
  • Craft your way to Victory: Collect rare crafting materials. Craft powerful weapons and armors to strengthen your heroes.


  • End Acererak’s reign of terror and bring peace to the region of Chult.
  • Master your heroes' capabilities and hone new strategies.
  • Explore and fight your way through perilous dungeons and jungles.
  • Face hordes of monsters and terrible villains.
  • Craft powerful weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • Level up and unlock new possibilities.
  • Find chests filled with treasures and materials.


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