Snake Charmer - TPS Snek :: Snake Charmer - TPS Snek

Snake Charmer - TPS Snek
Snake Charmer - TPS Snek

开发: Donkey Coder Ltd. , Gabor Csomak


Snake Charmer is the rebirth of a the well-known classic, in 3D! Inspired by the S60 version of the long and hard snake game, and enhanced to look good on the big screen!

The best thing is the 1-100 scale difficulty selector, so everyone can find their sweet spot, wheather going for competitive play, or to relax a bit.

A third person snake game, with unique maps, exciting gameplay, and good dynamics.

Play for fun, or play competitive :) Enjoy 15+ completely different maps, eating apples and bananas with your huge snake!

Snake charmer is a really good snakes game, where you'll be able to play as a beautiful forest snake, eat all the apples and bananas you can, get into the Egyptian pyramids, and eat all their diamonds.



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